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    Ram Problem???


    by quicky ·

    I Have an Intel Pentium 4 Processor on a Asus p4s800 mtherboard with 1024mb of ram. Sometimes my computer restart unexpcetinly and i have disable automatic restarts and done that the in the event log or whatever its called. I also sometimes get a blue screen saying Memory_Management or Page_Fault_In_Non_Page_Area. What is going on? please help.

    Oh Yeah I Have also read somewhere that the video card maybe set to pci in the bios and that may cause it but i have changed to it agp.

    – Thanks 🙂

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      Try Technical Q&A

      by oz_media ·

      In reply to Ram Problem???

      Technical support questions should be asked in the Technical Q&A forum, you will get far more helpful answers there.

      You should also remove any RAM you have added, or swap the ram around with known working ram, this sounds very much like a memory issue, but it could be a driver issue to.

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        Had the same problem

        by jcptech ·

        In reply to Try Technical Q&A

        It’s bad ram.

        I had a gig of ram. I bought 2 sets of pairs and one stick out of each pair was bad. After trial and error. I removed the bad sticks and no more problem. Just half the ram, which doesn’t really make much difference anyway.

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      Page Faults

      by dafe2 ·

      In reply to Ram Problem???

      Page faults are caused by corrupt drivers & sometimes DLL’s.

      Check your Event logs for leads to the ‘culprit’.
      Very doubtful (IMO) your looking at bad RAM or a hardware trouble…

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        that’s what I used to think

        by oz_media ·

        In reply to Page Faults

        After battling with a PC for a few days,I got IBM on the horn and they INSISTED it needed a reformat, they would not do ANYTHING until it as reformatted.

        Having worked with IBM for some years, I instantly caled the service manager for North America and said I was being told to reformat, an absolute no no for IBM tech support, but it seems to be their easy answer at tier 2.

        He said to remove ram or swap it, which I grudgingly did just to follow his procedure, knowing very well that bad ram wouldn’t create a page fault. Never had an issue with it again. Returned old ram and was sent new ones that worked like a dream.

        SO I don’t rule out simple fixes anymore, I just try it all right off the bat now.

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          Usually Software……………to each his own

          by dafe2 ·

          In reply to that’s what I used to think

          Invalid Page Faults are usually caused when a program tries to reference a part of memory or Virtual Memory that is not allocated to it. Or it can happen if a program is trying to access memory that is currently being modified by another running program. It can also happen when the Virtual Memory becomes corrupted or unstable because of a shortage of RAM or free disk space.

          Personally, I find it easier to right click & repair the application….but to each his own.

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          I wasn’t disagreeing

          by oz_media ·

          In reply to Usually Software……………to each his own

          I didn’t disagree with you, in fact that was always my answer too. Until I was shown otherwise and it was proven that it MAY be caused by bad ram too.

          It’s not “to each his own” it’s just ANOTHER issue that may be causing it that you had too quickly ruled out, instead of just offering YOUR ideas.

          NO big deal,nobody is trying to be wrong or right here. Again, this is why tech questions don’t work in discussion format.

          One person offers a solution that has worked, another shoots it down and so forth until the question is lost entirely, it happens all the time here.

          In Tech Q&A you simply add your two cents and that’s it. The poster reviews and tries all answers until something works.

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        Page faults

        by longbeer ·

        In reply to Page Faults

        Page faults can be a tricky one. I think the important part of the error is the “in non-paged area”.

        Anyway, my understanding is that such faults occur when the memory page loaded into RAM from the swap file does not pass it’s integrity checks. Could be caused be a whole host of things, bad RAM included.

        The restarting on the other hand sounds like a bad power supply – which could also be the cause of corruption in RAM. I’d swap that out first.


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          Long beer?

          by oz_media ·

          In reply to Page faults

          Where do I get me one of those long BEER’s at?

          Sounds VERY cold and VERY wet!

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          Of course it’s possible

          by dafe2 ·

          In reply to Page faults

          Usually this: “faults occur when the memory page loaded into RAM from the swap file does not pass it’s integrity checks” ……leads to corrupt library’s etc…

          For us, we just repair the application & move on from there.

          There are instances (as you point out in this case) where a hardware faillure leads to consistant & constant corruption. I thought I offered that in my post, as a footnote, but it didn’t make past my keyboard. (I just checked my original post) 🙂

          My last line after those dots was supposed to be – ….unless sometimes means daily, in which case your probably looking at a hardware faillure.

          NICE catch on the power supply….that could actually be the true cause of the corruption.

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