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    RAM Problems


    by dracoladie ·

    Why when you install 256 MB Ram in one Bank on Motherboard it only reads 128 MB Ram? The motherboard book tells me that each bank can support 8 MB to 512 MB of RAM in each bank and I have three banks.

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      by dmiles ·

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      The bios configuration may have to be changed to recognize the full module,enter biso setup by pressing designated key at startup,locate the memory configuration and right-click on memory you should then be able to reset the default to maximum amount of memory specified for motherboard

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      by thechas ·

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      SDRAM specifications in particular change over time.

      I suspect that the new RAM module uses higher density memory chips than your motherboard supports.

      You may need to specifically locate some single or double density RAM.

      If you are very lucky, you can get a BIOS update for the motherboard that will allow it to recognize the newer RAM modules.

      Keep in mind, that for W98 or Me you don’t want to install more than 511MB of RAM.
      There is a bug in the core Windows code that can cause some strange problems with more than 511MB of RAM installed.


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      by otl ·

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      Some motherboards require the largest ram be installed in the first slot, otherwise it will only recognize what is installed in slot 1 as the largest ram.

      slot 1 128M + slot 2 256M = 256M
      slot 1 256M + slot 2 128M = 384M

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      by sab_arturo ·

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      If all else fails, update the bios. it sounds like sd-ram, and i’ve had many boards which won’t recognize a full chip without a bios update.

      good luck,

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