RAM replacement, PC won't start up

By nick ·
After installing two 256mb sticks on my eMachines T1440 (replacing my two 128gb sticks), my PC won't boot after trying to power up. There's a click then powers right down. Sounds like a short. If so, where do I find the fuse?

I also tried to re-install my original 128gb sticks & get the same problem. I've used anti-static wristband so the RAM should be OK.

Any help will be much appreciated.

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Chek your connections

by jswentworth In reply to RAM replacement, PC won't ...

Have you thoroughly checked all of your connections on the motherboard? Made sure you didn't bump something loose while putting the RAM in? There aren't really any fuses in the machine that you can reset. An actual short usually results in catastrophic system failure. But it's unlikely that you've managed that. More commonly you have accidentally unplugged a connection to the motherboard.

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by robo_dev In reply to RAM replacement, PC won't ...

the only fuse you may find on a motherboard is a soldered-in-place SMD (surface mount device) fuse. Not impossible for a DIYer to replace, but the official answer is 'new motherboard' if something got shorted out.

If it does not POST with no ram, and with only the processor plugged in (everything else unplugged), then the mobo is dead (assuming, of course, that an alternate power supply was tested as well).

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