RAM: The different between DIMM and SIMM

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I want to known which different is between SIMM and DIMM because me I known that SIMM have holy one dirrection to send data but DIMM have two way

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by TheChas In reply to RAM: The different betwee ...

SIMM Single Inline Memory Module is an older RAM technology that was last seen on Pentium 1 class motherboards.

The memory devices on SIMMs were either Fast Page Mode or Enhanced Data Output.

Oh yes, SIMMs have pins on only 1 side and came in 30 and 72 pin versions.

DIMM Dual Inline Memory Module is the current package for most computer RAM.

You have the original 168 pin version, 184 pin DDR, and 240 pin DDR-2.

While there was some crossover at the start with EDO chips, most DIMMs use some style of SDRAM or DDR (double data rate) chips.


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by tshimsjoel1 In reply to Technology

Thank you for your help because I was need it

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