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    RAM upgrade gone wrong


    by vzaangel ·

    Hello,I have a dell demension 4550 It had 512mb of ram I went to upgrade it and put in a 1GB stick too that I got from crucial. Well after trying it several times now the monitor isint reading Theres nothing but a blank screen and the light on the monitor is orange like the computer is off. I tried a different graphics card thinking maybe it went out but it did the same thing. I also tried 2 other monitors on it. I also tried running it with just the old ram and just the new stick and same blank screen. Can anyone please help me? Could the ram i put in have hurt the system board? I cant even get a monitor to work on it at all so I cant get into the bios or anything. I also tried resetting the jumper and taking out the battery and nothing Thank you.

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