RAM upgrade

By daviditch ·
my computer runs
celeron (R) DCPU 3.6GHz 3.07GHz, 0.99GB Of RAM PHysicall Address Extension
what is the RAM i need to make my pc works faster and if there is something that i can do to my pc to fast it instead of RAM

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There you go....

by CG IT In reply to RAM upgrade
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oh no!

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you didn't TinyURL it!

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Well first things first

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to RAM upgrade

I suggest you edit the above post and remove your E-Mail address, this is a Public Forum and as such is subject to all of the nasties on the net. If you make any E-Mail address public you get your In Box filled with Spam.

As for what type of RAM you need this isn't Dependant on the CPU but the M'Board and which type of system you have. Desktop Systems use different RAM to Note Books but both could use that CPU.

You can check here for what type of RAM you need if this is a Rebuilt System or you know the Make & Model of the M'Board.

If you have a fairly new M'Board and this is a Desktop System then you need to know that if you are using a 32 Bit OS you should not install more than 4 GIG of RAM as the OS can not address any more than something like 3.25 GIG, but using 4 GIG in 2 X 2 Gig Modules gives you Dual Chanel Mode and the best performance possible.

The cheapest way to improve performance is to up the RAM to the Maximum Amount that the System can use or to what the Operating System can Handel. So if you had a 64 Bit OS you could max out the RAM and fit as much as the M'Board can carry which is up to 16 GIG with some of the new M'Boards, but if you where to fit more than 4 GIG to a system using a 32 Bit OS you would be wasting your money as the OS is incapable of using more that the 4 GIG Max. Doesn't matter what the OS Type is all 32 Bit OS's have a Maximum Address Limit of 4 GIG.

As for changing the CPU out here that to depends on what the M'Board can carry as some which are specially made for Celeron's can not use a Full Pentium CPU and then there are others which can use both a Celeron and Pentium CPU provided that the M'Board supports the Front Side Bus of the CPU that you fit. You would have to find the Make & Model of your M'Board and then look on it's makers Web Site to see what CPU's it actually supports.

As for other ways of speeding up your computer the basics which should be used all of the time are Defrag, Defrag, Defrag and do this regularly. Just running Defrag once if it has not been a regular occurrence is unlikely to fully Defragment the HDD and it may require up to 20 runs of this type of application.

If you are using Windows here you also should clean out the Temp Files so something like Crap Cleaner should be used

there are several good Defrag Utilities in addition tot he one that comes with Windows and you can get them free here

Advanced System Care Free may also prove useful to you

Before you start defraging you can remove any programs not being used Optimize the Page/Swap File in Windows to the best that your hardware supports and empty any Large Folders so things like Stored E-Mail can be archived to a Backup and the folders emptied out.


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