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Rambus Patent finally upheld!

By rolv ·
Finally, after Hynix, Micron, Samsung and Infieon have dragged Rambus through court Rambus gets a verdict in Federal court that validated all the patent claims and also ruled that Hynix had infringed every single one! These memeory manufacturers have been playing a nasty game, steeling Rambus IP and incorporating it in their products. The very same companies have been found by the DOJ to have colluted to fix memory prices and employees have gone to jail and fines have been paid to the tune of close to ONE BILLION DOLLARS. Rambus represents the cornerstone of American Invention and anyone without a license stands to lose 100's of millions of dollars by infringing the patents! The Rambus stock is probably the best investment out there, could easily go far into tripple digets!

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Rambus: Hidden Gem

by arno In reply to Rambus Patent finally uph ...

Rambus is one of the most creative IP companies of the universe. Their inventions are foundational to modern computers, networks, cell phones, cars, televisions and virtually everything that needs fast data transfer between computing chips.

Rambus was founded by two world-renowned Stanford researchers at a time when their invention was more than 50x faster than anything out there. That was around 1990.

In fact, their inventions were protected by patents which made them so powerful, that virtually all international memory manufacturers (Micron, Hynix, Infineon, Samsung, Elpida) conspired against them. Trying to kill Rambus, they have undergone years of criminal antitrust activity, and successfully pushed Rambus' main product (RDRAM - the fastest memory back then) out of the market. Even Intel was forced to give in and switched back to a much slower memory for their Intel P4. Even now, Intel is still suffering from that shock.

Years of corruption at the level of organizations, lawfirms, and even judges have led to turbulent stock action, down from above $100 to below $4.

Now, after their first patent trial in 6 years, Rambus is stronger than ever, with patents upheld in court, with absolutely no wrongdoing of their part. This has been confirmed by the Appeals court and the Supreme court.

Other than more corruption - which will not stand the test against time and the courts - there is no reason that Rambus should not be entitled to earn billions of dollars for their inventions and for compensation for having to endure collusive antitrust crimes for more than a decade.

As soon as settlements are signed, this stock might jump to well above $100, many believe it will hit $500 within the next few years.

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