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Random Account Lockout.

By marra_kech ·
Hi Guys,

I know there are various Post's on this topic, but have looked through all of them and there isn't a similar case or solution that's worked so far.

For the last two weeks, completely random users are getting locked out from their accounts, some are connected directly to the Domain, some are in remote sites completely isolated from the network simply POPing their emails.

Some have changed the password recently, some haven't... its is competently random.

I have checked the logs...used the MS lockout tools, but still have not found a solution

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Not random

by The 'G-Man.' In reply to Random Account Lockout.

just people forgetting their new passwords or not updating their devices with the new passwords.

Thin about it for a minute - people not on a domain for example.- Change password then open Outlook (say)

Send / Receive - password box pops up, they press retry x3

Account now locked.

Ans so on...

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Yes, Random...

by marra_kech In reply to Not random

Its happened to my account as well...
Iv set the retries to 10x and this is still happening.

95% haven't changed their passwords lately.
The POP3 users have their password saved on Outlook, so it does not prompt them...

Anyone have any ideas?

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In computing

by The 'G-Man.' In reply to Yes, Random...

random is near impossible.

Are you being hacked?

Once can only assume you have used the MS Account lockout tools and checked what workstation/service from which the logon(s) are happening!

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Browser cache

by DMambo In reply to Random Account Lockout.

If the browser cache is storing old PW's, then the accounts may be getting locked out as these PW's are attempted when apps access the internet. Clear the browser and see if that works.

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