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by Rndmacts In reply to Random Acts of Kindness

<p>Lately I have noticed a general rise in rudeness in the discussion groups. <em>TechRepublic</em> is supposed to be a meeting place for IT professionals to share information. The staff here do a wonderful job of providing articles and information to us for discussion, and overall the discussions are to the point and are the opinions of the poster. But I am noticing lately that there are those, who I will call the gang of 10, that have nothing of value to add so railroad the subject with their flames and general yammerings. They are quick to criticize others but don't take crticism very well themselves. They delight in pointing out that something is posted in the wrong area and flame the fellow member who may have made the mistake. They turn serious discussion into running inside jokes at the expence of others. They call themselves professional but don't display any of the attributes of a real professional. If they are like that in the real world, then I am surprised any of them have jobs.</p>
<p>They remind me of everything bad about professional chat areas, in that they are where pseudo professionals go to behave like spoiled children. We should be helping each other with information shared. I know there a few members here who post that we all wonder about because their verbal and communications skills are almost non existent, and there are a few that are just moronic, a couple which I have read recently.  I have personally never seen the need to vent before but the rise in bad behaviour among supposed professionals is getting me mad. When someone posts a question, we should be trying to help them, not taking over their thread and making fun of them as I have seen done in the last month. If they mispost to the wrong discussion group, it doesn't hurt to be polite when pointing out this error, most likely they are so stressed or frustrated over their percieved problem to have thought about the proper discussion group to place their request. There is an old saying that you can catch more bees with honey than you can with vinegar. Before flaming someone, think is that how you want replies to one of your requests to be made.</p>
<p>I for one am confident in my knowledge and earn the respect of those I come in contact with, by treating them as equals and don't talk down to them or try to hide my knowledge behing technical jargon. Jargon is just another word for bulls**t or incompetence, take your pick. There are no stupid questions, but there are a lot of stupid responses and not staying on topic with the original request is the stupidest answer there is. </p>
<p>Maybe some members here should take a look at their behaviour and evaluate how they appeared to their peers.</p>

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