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    random certificate popup


    by mvolaski ·


    I have a user who was prompted to install a certificate that claims to have been issued to * and issued by Amazon and is valid from 1/17/19 to 2/18/2020. Is the certificate real? And why is my user getting prompted to add the certificate for it?

    This domain doesn’t seem to have an associated IP, however, but it doesn’t appear to be available, either.

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      Best I can tell, it is a fake certificate,

      by Wizard57M-TR ·

      In reply to random certificate popup

      so tell your user NOT to install it. The domain is tracked to a rather unscrupulous ad server. Might be a wise precaution to have the user disconnect from the internet and scan for malware. Although in this instance Amazon IS acting as the Certificate Authority, I wouldn’t trust adding the cert, because that would tell your web browser that content from this ad server is “approved”.

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