Random Device Connect / Device Disconnect Sounds

By jcdiaz86 ·
Hello Everyone,

I have been unable to point to the cause of this but every so often Windows starts playing the device connect and device disconnect sounds right after the other. The mouse freezes for a second while it does this.

Has this happened to anyone? I do not have any USB devices attached except for my mouse and keyboard.

Any help is appreciated.

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by jcdiaz86 In reply to Random Device Connect / D ...

This is an attempt to get my message noticed as I have zero replies.

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re disconnect/reconnect sounds

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Attention

Sounds as if something is not making a good, clean, constant connection.

Try checking and cleaning the USB plugs on both the keyboard and mouse. Make sure everything is turned off and unplugged before you do any port cleaning.

Is this a wireless keyboard/mouse setup? Is there something interfering with the signal? Make sure to move the receiver away from the monitor AND cordless phone/wireless broadband.

If you can give us any more details than what you've provided which could help diagnose it, fire away.

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This is rather not a trivial question

by squirrelonfire In reply to Random Device Connect / D ...

There can only be so many problems to the issue.
1) The USB port is not supplying enough power, another
word, the USB port is "wearing out." This explains the
sudden lost in power of the keyboard and mouse, thus
cause the sudden "sound" alerted you that a device has
been unplugged. Even more obvious, you said that the
mouse "freeze" for few seconds, this indicates an obvious
evidence that the mouse was actually unplugged from the
computer (either by completing losing power, or
completing losing connection).
2) The device is malfunction. Your mouse can be dying.
This means your mouse may work for a period of time,
then suddenly stops working, then intermittently works

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by jcdiaz86 In reply to This is rather not a triv ...

Thanks for your reply.

I have tried connecting the mouse to different USB ports but this does not fix the problem. Whenver the sounds start playing I am unable to move the mouse but the light from the mouse remains on.

I will try to get a replacement for the mouse and let you know what happened.

Thanks again

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Looks like changing the mouse fixed it.

by JamesEBoone In reply to Thanks

I just switched mice and so far the problem has gone away. If not I'll repost.

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Random Device Disconnect - Device Connect Sounds

by jonybader In reply to Random Device Connect / D ...

Random Device Disconnect - Device Connect Sounds

This article was never previously published


You may hear the device disconnect and device connect sounds, just in this order, one right after the other and simultaneously the mouse freezes for a second. Also you may hear the unable to connect device occasionally. Also you can note frequently how mouse freezes briefly while playing games and not always accompanied by previously cited system sounds.


This issue can occur when the device enumerator located at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet gets corrupted. As a result, the mouse attached to the USB controller is duplicated and the system gets confused. Periodical attemtps to remove the dupe are discarded after re-detecting the mouse attached to the controller.

The device enumerator may be corrupted by using third party products. Poorly tested, designed or buggy HIPS (Host Intrusion Prevention System) products pretending to protect critical registry areas can instead block legitimate system acces by misidentifying the originator process, resulting in database corruption after system is forced to create a new instance of the affected device.


To resolve this problem you can try to do a system restore but you have all the tickets to the this not work prize since there are some areas of registry that aren't never restored. You can check them at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\BackupRestore . Your goal is to get the ballon saying 'A new HID device has been detected'. I guess uninstalling the mouse from device manager should work. Not needed here. I only removed all USB devices and connected another distinct manufacturer mouse. After restarting I disconnected the second mouse and attached the problematic one to another USB port located at a different USB root concentrator. When I've seen the balloon I perceived my path to paradise was granted.

NOTE: The characters and events depicted in this text are ficticious. Any similarity to actual persons living or dead, animals, things, especially Microsoft's Knowledge Base articles, software or whathever, is purely coincidental. I'm a poor man and don't want legal issues with Microsoft unless I've big chances to win. Do I need a lawyer?


Microsoft hasn't confirmed nothing about the exactitude of this text.


It isn't enough?


I don't know. I have had the enhanced experience under Windows XP.

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Random Device/Disconnect - Same Problem

by JamesEBoone In reply to Random Device Connect / D ...

I have same problem - normally occurs while moving the mouse.

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