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"Random" Drug Testing of IT Personel

By KaptKos ·
I work for a small private company (IT shop
consists of myself, analyst/programmer and 1
network administrator) in which all employees
are subjected to "random" drug/alcohol testing.

Well Weds was my birthday, and low and behold the
day after I get "Randomly" selected. I came up
positive on their B.S. strip for alcohol so they
drove me to the clinic in which I blew into the
machine and came up .000 (ZERO)

I feel that this so called "Random" was B.S.

If all persons of an organization were subjected
to this "Random" tesing, why are there some here
that tell me that they have NEVER been selected?

It's not like I'm in the military anymore, but
this is getting to the point of harrassment
because I've been "Randomly" selected 4 months in
a row now.

I need to get out of this place!!!


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if you're not an alcoholic

by Tink! In reply to "Random" Drug Testing of ...

then yes, it definitely sounds a bit fishy. Random drug testing seems to have become a necessary "evil" but 4 months in a row, when there are people who have not been selected ever, it does make you wonder who's doing the selecting?

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maybe they noticed your TR logo

by Dr Dij In reply to if you're not an alcoholi ...

while watching your PC via various remote control pgms or website loggers.

and decided it was to 'rock & roll', and you know those all those rock & roll: guys, sex, drugs & .. :)

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It's an unnecessary evil

by tracy_anne In reply to if you're not an alcoholi ...

It's none of you employers business what you do in private, unless it affects your work. But then they can fire you for poor work.

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by Tink! In reply to It's an unnecessary evil

very true. I think we have unfortunately allowed employers to overstep their bounds. But now that it has been around for a while, there is probably too much evidence of how it has helped employers for the government to abolish these policies.

We just need to be careful of what we allow in the future (like the making you quit smoking thing)

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by jesc In reply to It's an unnecessary evil

We would all like to live in a world where there is no accountability if employees can drag themselves into work and do an "adaquate" job. The truth of the matter is that many of us work in environments where we deal with confidential information and expensive resources. While a person may feel that they have every right to do what they want there is the factor of trust and reliability. I do not want anyone on my staff that is using illegal drugs to have any access to confidential consumer information like social security numbers. The rights of our customers supercede the rights of employees to do what ever they want after hours. You want to do drugs, get an gambling habit, or whatever that is up to you. Just don't ask me to trust you with confidential data.

If you don't like it get a job that does put other people at risk. Otherwise buck up and act responsibly.

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Red Flag

by JamesRL In reply to "Random" Drug Testing of ...

Four months in a row, you'd have to say statistically thats not random - someone is out to get you.

I don't like the idea of random drug testing in the first place. If you want to fire someone do it because of the quality and quantity of their work.


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Do you

by Dr Dij In reply to Red Flag

wear nose rings, have long hair, come in late, or talk about weekend raves at work? Are you slacking off?

(or appear to be slacking for some reason? - people who come in late are often singled out for this, even if they stay late, as the people who see this don't stay late to see they are working late). A study even shows that people who come in early get more raises than those who stay late.

I'd say someone is out to get you.

I had a room mate who was a raver tho they didn't bother him at my place, he did his job. (and we're pretty mellow here)

And he was often too poor to buy drugs other than alcohol.

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by noyoki In reply to Do you

you don't mention your age... Perhaps you are a young 20-something in the midst of older 40-50-somethings?

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Well generalised!

by Siliconwombat In reply to Do you

However those things you describe have no bearing on the quality of work someone can produce. I like drinking, I do quite a lot of it. I hjave been able in the past to go out till 2 am and then be at work at 5am. I wasnt sober however i was able to complete my work to the normal standard right through the hangover into cold hard sobriety. Im not proud of it. I dont do it anymore. But it was none of my employers business then and it wouldnt be now until my work was adversely affected.

**** in some jobs getting stoned may well help their productivity ie R&amp(said in jest. I dont condone illegal drug use).

Anyways soapbox done next time they 'randomly' select tell em to stick it

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by Jaqui In reply to "Random" Drug Testing of ...

makes me glad I'm in Canada, where drug testing for anything other than Aircraft Controller or military / Police positions is illegal.

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