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random grinding noise from DVD Rom Drive

By xiuyuen ·
What could cause this grinding noise from DVD Rom drive which happens sometimes. I cannot link it to anything to narrow it down to the source for troubleshooting.

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by Oz_Media In reply to random grinding noise fro ...

Sounds like a bent drive tray or carriage. I've had several replaced by the manu for this reason. DVD lasers are much more finely adjusted than CDROM lasers as they read layers and deoths instead of just linear tracking. If the drive is even slightly out of alignment, it will grind and whirl. A major one with laptops is the drive door not sitting in proper alignment if the drive is bent at all it will vibrate against the case, this will sound like putting hockey cards in your bicycle spokes! (I just dated myself with that one I think).

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by jschein In reply to random grinding noise fro ...

bad tray / alignment

Time for a new drive...

Newegg.. DVD / cdrw drives for 40-50 bux

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by CG IT In reply to random grinding noise fro ...

hockey cards in bicycle spokes?

1950's geez OZ..

and as with everyone else, bent tray is the culprit

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by brianmann57 In reply to random grinding noise fro ...

bent tray, broken teeth on pinion gear, cheaper to replace and from now on quit using your had and\or foot to close DvD drawer. hockey Cards? canadian?...I thought it was baseball cards, no wonder no one picked me for the team.

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