Random Paste from Office Clipboard

By kh_aussie ·
Using Office 2003, whenever I have something on the clipboard and am using ANY Office application, the clipboard contents randomly paste into what ever application I am using. There seems to be no pattern, no key combination, no set time that sets it off. It seems as if Office says, "ok, it's time to paste the contents right here, so I will."
I am using XP, SP3. I have run Norton 360, Spybot and Malware Bytes and all assure me that there is nothing amiss in the security area.
Any help would be appreciated!

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Random Pasting from Windows Clipboard

by vmbrizendine In reply to Random Paste from Office ...

I have a doctor within our practice who is having the problem you describe. He is running XP and Office 2007. He also uses Dragon Naturally Speaking software for medical dictation. I have turned off all Accessibility Options within the Control Panel and turned off all HotKey functionality within Dragon. He now reports that it is happening again and is not sure if it is due to the Dragon software or something else entirely. Have you been able to resolve your issue?

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Still pasting

by kh_aussie In reply to Random Pasting from Windo ...

I don''t use Dragon or any self programmed keyboard shortcuts.

I tried Norton's tech help. It was suggested that Office was corrupt and should be reinstalled.
I question whether that is the problem since it occurs in Internet Explorer as well.
Short answer: still trying.

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This may sound silly.......

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Still pasting

but, try changing out the keyboard and/or the mouse, especially if they're old. Sometimes they begin sending unintended signals. If you've ever seen the mouse cursor jump across the screen all by itself, that's a symptom.

If this is a laptop without external keyboard/mouse devices attached, it's possible the laptop keyboard needs to be cleaned and/or replaced.

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Random pastings in Word

by kh_aussie In reply to Random Paste from Office ...

I think I have stumbled onto the solution. I have added a mouse to my laptop and have used the "disable touch pad when mouse is connected" option.
My guess is that the random pasting and random pointer movement were due to accidental touches of the pad when typing since the problem still occurs when the mouse is disconnected.
Does your doctor use a laptop? I would be interested in hearing if that is the case.
Good luck!

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