Random restart

By brifd1 ·
Dell Studio XPS laptop, Windows 7 has mysteriously started rebooting after a random number of minutes, ranging from a couple to 10 or 15. It seems to be related to being on an Internet browser, and it doesn't matter whether it's Firefox or Internet Explorer. We're trying Chrome now. At first, we thought it had to do with being connected wirelessly, but it just repeated the feat while having an Ethernet connection (was okay on that for hours yesterday).

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Have you checked the CPU Temperature recently?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Random restart

The Safety Circuits in every NB will cause the computer to restart when the CPU reaches a Preset temperature and with NB's this can happen because the Air Intakes get blocked, the Air Channels inside the NB get clogged with Crud or if the NB is just badly positioned.

You'll need to enter the BIOS and check what the Restart Temp of the CPU is and maybe change this to something more reasonable like 75 C. Just remember to save the changes as you exit the BIOS.

If the CPU Temp Setting is right you'll have to look at things like failed Fan's blocked Heat Sinks and so on.


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RE: "NB is just badly positioned"

by TobiF In reply to Have you checked the CPU ...

Original poster could, for instance, consider relocating from Washington to Nova Scotia :)

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Not exactly what I had in Mind

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to RE: "NB is just badly pos ...

But it may work.

I've seen instances where they place NB's on surfaces that are not flat and this blocks the Air Intakes which causes the thing to overheat.

Or place them on their Laps and a leg blocks the Air Intake. Or on a table with papers where a piece of paper gets sucked up and blocks the air intake.

See a pattern forming here? Besides I would never suggest moving to the USA when AU is just so much better. :^0


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by brian In reply to Random restart

Along with Col's suggetsion of CPU temp, try running memtest86 on the system and see if you have some bad ram chips....if you need the software, download the ultimate boot cd (just google UBCD). burn the ISO to disk, and happy troubleshooting.

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2nd that on memory test

by dave In reply to RAM

At least eliminate bad ram before going any farther. If not memtest86, try GoldMem shareware.

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F12 Diagnostics, Driver Update, SFC.exe, Malware or Virus

by smithadmin In reply to Random restart

When you first boot, start clicking the F12 key to go into Diagnostics and let them run completely thru and see what comes up. If it does not pick up anything wrong then there is probably some corrupted drivers or files on the unit. Go to Dell's Support Website and update all drivers for your hardware. Then if you still have no relief, here are a couple links to some Microsoft Knowledgebase articles to walk you thru the System File Checker (sfc.exe) scan program depending on the version of windows you are operating with.
If you have not found anything after running the diagnostics, updating all drivers, and running the SFC program, then you probably have a virus or trojan running on your system.

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