Random Shutdowns...with picture

By detroitreds ·
This computer randomly shuts down. Sometimes, it comes with a blue screen, and other times, it just reboots. It's not listing a file as probable cause, so I'm looking for some help. It's Windows XP SP3

I've uploaded a picture.

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Bad Driver?

by Kenone In reply to Random Shutdowns...with p ...

Sounds like a corrupted driver or a mismatched driver. Have you installed any new hardware?

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Not likely

by detroitreds In reply to Bad Driver?

We have several of these Dell Optiplex 745 computers with the same image on all of them. I re-imaged the drive, but same issue.

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OK that Blue Screen

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Random Shutdowns...with p ...

Is about a Driver Issue but if this is a system that has been working for a while now I've seen messages like this which have been relating to Heat Issues.

Does the system shut down and restart or just turn off?

If it restarts open the case and clean out all of the dust bunnies. {Pay p[articular attention to the CPU Heat Sink which needs to be cleaned.

If this is a NB you can use Canned Air to blow out the Airways and I would suggest a Cool Pad under it at all times like the one here from Antec

There are other Cool Pads available and you can probably get cheaper ones on E Bay or the like.


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by detroitreds In reply to OK that Blue Screen

I'll run some tests for heat. It's been working fine for a year. We have many of these same models (Dell Optiplex 745). We use images, so driver issue in not likely. Thanks

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Will it boot from a live CD?

by seanferd In reply to Possibly

I suggest trying one. The UBCD, if it boots, will allow you to run some hardware tests.

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