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randomly freezing up

By kenderkn ·
hey all,

i have a 1.6 Ghz pentium wioth 256 MB ram

windows xp pro originally

computer will randomly freeze up. screen stays static ctrl+alt_del doest work. when i reboot event logs tell nothing

I reloaded the box from scratch with windows 2k3 for a project i am doing and the problem returned

I have updated the OS with all patches.

i have all nbewest drivers for all hardware.

its really bugging me.

the problem doesnt happen while i am on the computer only after some period of inactivity.

i hvae reloaded several times with different OS's and different options but hardware remains same. I hvae reseated cards all to no avail.


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by earnest In reply to randomly freezing up

You might check to power saver options. Right click on desktop, left click on properties. select screen saver, power options. I would selct never to all unless you have a laptop.

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by w2ktechman In reply to randomly freezing up

I would try turning off sleep/standby/ and hibernate if they are on. Also turn off the screen saver and see if the problem recurrs.

If the problem came back after another OS was installed, then it may be a HW problem. Check your RAM first by removing and re-adding to see if any stick causes the problem.

Next run a scan/chkdisk on the HDD, and see if there are any problems.

Next look at the Power Supply. Especially if you have a lot of devices connected to it.

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by int In reply to randomly freezing up

its still a bios failure
the bios of y motherboard is not handling well
the interupt/sleep and acpi (powermanagement) functions

a bios of a date later than juli 2002 should solve the problem

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by pez In reply to randomly freezing up

I have found that another major cause of problems like these are video cards. Try replacing the video card with a spare and see if that works (If you don't have a spare you could buy one for $AUS40 and its always good to have one). There maybe some problem that arises when there is no change in the picture that the card is displaying.

Perhaps its even a good idea to turn on your screensaver too a short interval and see what happens, if you haven't already.

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by SkywalkerX In reply to randomly freezing up

definitely a hardware failure. best thing to do is interchange parts inside the pc for a period of time and see if the computer is stable. my bet is on the quality of the power supply and memory.

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by kenderkn In reply to randomly freezing up

i have tried the ram swapping, power acpl and bios power functions. will try video card this week. it is really getting anoying

thanks to all the contributors. i will try it and get back to u

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