Randomly loses wireless connection

By win_user_Yuck ·
We have recently deployed 330 Dell Latitude-D5400's in several labs at our facility. These notebooks are attaching to DLink AP7100 access points, we have 15 notebooks to each access point.
The access points are using WPA, and MAC filtering for security. Our problem is:

When a group of 30 notebooks and two access points are in a 40 x 40 foot room, we have random connectivity. Notebooks will connect, not connect, connect slowly, etc. And everytime you boot up the notebooks it may connect and it may not, no consistancy.

To top it off, if an when the notebook connects, it will stay connected for up to 30 min. and then out of the blue it disconnects, or loses it connection.

Our DLink has the latest firmware.

Any ideas or things I should be looking for??

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