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    Rant of the Day!! – Friggin Scammers Everywhere !!!


    by rdubrey ·

    Does it Seem like scammers are “everywhere” now on the web? It
    sure seems like things out there have deteriorated 100 fold in the last
    couple of years. I have been doing business on the web since you
    first could start doing business on the web through PayPal, Ebay,
    Craigslist, etc etc…

    Narrowly avoided a payment scrape with PayPal where money was
    there on minute and reversed the next… constant fake posts on
    craigslist, ridiculous email scams…. I mean every time I turn my
    system on lately I am seeing evidence of low lifes.

    Is it just me or have things gotten pretty trashy out there.

    I guess my point is I am all for a tiered identity based internet top
    level domain where business is transacted. I like being anonymous
    but I surely would be all for a medium where people are completely
    vetted as much as possible in order to have access there. Like a .biz
    domain where you can’t do anything unless you are indentified

    I wonder if that is something that can be accomplished…. Wondering
    what the general consensus is out there on this…


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      by mjd420nova ·

      In reply to Rant of the Day!! – Friggin Scammers Everywhere !!!

      I think that because people feel that they are not identifiable in the user names and fictious names they create that they can not be found or located. This gives free reighn to those who wish to do illegal things and either steal your money or belongings. By posting fake sales of items, they can lure others with large sums of money to remote locations to buy an item and then get robbed. I think this shoould fall into the category of common sense. I have a machine in my home that is double firewalled, spam blocker, spybot and virus protected. I use it to buy things on-line and do my banking. I do not feel totally safe but have no other choice if I wish to conduct my transactions on-line. No one can escape the internal identifiers that are part of the hardware in your machine and the other methods of signing on to an ISP . You can be traced and if the government, local authorities want to do something about this, there are ways to find these people. One big draw back to this is the idiots that do not protect themselves or their WIFI routers, however, they still leave a traceable MAC address that is unique to that NIC card, WIFI or hardwired, they can still be identified by that address. Finding and tracking it might be hard but it is like fingerprints. Eventually they will get caught and will pay their dues.

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      yup it can be.

      by jaqui ·

      In reply to Rant of the Day!! – Friggin Scammers Everywhere !!!

      I could do it myself, where I made apache resolve ip addresses to the isp.
      use ssl only and log EACH session separately.
      verify any personal data before completing a transaction.

      that last is the kicker, it can take days to get information verified.

      so while it is possible to verify users online, it isn’t really practicle for ebusiness.

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      Yes indeed it is nasty out there

      by michael jay ·

      In reply to Rant of the Day!! – Friggin Scammers Everywhere !!!

      the web is no place to arrive unarmed, pay careful attention to what you do.

      But if you don’t care to be careful here is an article that I found on Computer World.

      It was a fun read.

      And Tammy has a post over here:

      Spam sucks, Very large, but it will not go away as long as people keep answering it.

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