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Rant of The Week - Holidays (06/11/200

By tcavadias Staff ·
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Woo Hoo! It's that time of the week again, so get out your violins and ear plugs while you listen to me whine, rant, stomp my little foot and just basically give my feeble opinion (as little as we all know that is).

In light of Father's Day fast approaching this Sunday (June 15th, for those who actually observe this holiday) this week's rant is about Holiday's. Not Holiday's per se, but rather how commercialized holidays have become from when the holiday was first celebrated. It seems anymore the significance behind certain holidays is becoming lost or rather over-shadowed as more and more companies turn it into just another day for making money. Not that there is anything wrong with companies wanting to increase their profits but I have no doubt the commercialism would have certain people rolling over in their graves. I know it makes me want to roll over in mine and I'm not dead yet.

Heck, some holidays I never even heard of - such as Bean Day (Jan. 6th), Peculiar People Day (Jan. 10th), Elmo's Birthday (Feb. 3rd), Toothache Day (Feb. 9th), Respect Your Cat Day (Mar. 29th), Jump Over Things Day (April 6th), Dance Like a Chicken Day (May 14th), Vinegar Day (June 16th), Be a Geek Day (July 14th), Race Your Mouse Around the Icons Day (Aug. 28th), Big Whopper Liar Day (Sept. 15th), National Babbling Day (Oct. 15th) and my all time favorite which I do endorse whole heartedly - National Men Make Dinner Day (Nov. 7th). Nevertheless, as strange as these holidays may be somewhere some company has turned even the strangest holidays into a money maker and we buy into all this garbage.

What happen to the days when Holidays were meant for spending time with family and friends? When commercials on TV were about the true meaning behind certain holidays and I don't mean the weird holidays, but the ones like - Christmas, Hanukkah, Thanksgiving, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Memorial Day, Easter and Veteran's day just to name a few. When did holidays become such big money makers? And more importantly, why do we buy into all of this?

Has anyone noticed how Christmas items start wandering onto the shelves in July? By October, you see Halloween items on one shelf and across from them you are looking at a Nativity scene. That is just too freaky for me. Come on, at least wait until Mr. Headless Horseman has rode off into the night before placing Santa Claus next to him.

Not only have businesses started pushing holidays earlier and earlier each year, but it seems every company is jumping on the band wagon even those that have nothing to do with the holiday. The other day I got some junk mail in my post box - Save for Father's Day it read - all bra's, panties and panty hose 20% off! What?!?!?!? Just what my Dad needs - another bra! ;-) At least the grocery store was offering tampons "Buy One Get one Free" for their Father's day special. Now that is something Dad can really use - stops them nose bleeds every time!

I don't know about you all, but I'm tired of seeing what I consider sacred holidays being turned into nothing more than dollar signs. What should be a time of good will and celebration instead leaves me feeling pressured and stressed. While I'm not obligated to buy anything, I feel I should.

How about you? Do you find yourself feeling pressured to - buy buy buy? As each new holiday approaches do you find yourself left with a feeling of dread?

How do you handle the commercialism of Holidays? Do you buy into all the garbage?

-Tammy :-)

PS: Now I'm off to buy gifts for my Dad, my Father-in-Law, my husband, and the milkman.

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"and the milkman. " -- LOL

by The Scummy One In reply to Rant of The Week - Holida ...

special relationship there?? :0

I agree, however Christmas stuff SHOULD be after Thanksgiving, not after Halloween.

Funny, I've never heard of most of those 'strange' holidays. I need to start celebrating more When is BEER day? When is Scummy day? When is get e free BJ day?

However, keeping up with the spirit of the holiday is something else that should be done. Common sense ya know. But I think that what this signifies is that people, while looking to purchase for others, need to get something for themselves as well. After all, we all need to buy, buy, buy, right?

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Site you may be interested in...

by NotSoChiGuy In reply to "and the milkman. :p " -- ...

Greatest holiday known to MAN!!


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by Oz_Media In reply to Rant of The Week - Holida ...

"Let me take you far away, you'd like, a Ho-li-daaaaay! sorry, Scorpions moment there, my life is a song.

My friend works for a company with Teamsters employees, because they have US branches, they had to 'create' a holiday to coincide with Heritage Day in the US, so Canadian employees can have that day off too, so they have created 'Family day', nice one!

I find MOST holidays are just an excuse to legally close for the day, there are rules against unannounced, non-emergency closures in Canadian businesses, so many create holidays.

There are key golidays, which have been TRASHED by commerce, such as Christmas, Mothers Day, Fathers Day etc. And there are stats, which most are not other than Christmas Day, New Years etc.
In BC we have New Years, Good Friday, Victoria Day (not for the city of Victoria but to commorate Queen Victoria), Canada Day, B.C.Day, Labour Day, Thanksgiving day, Remebrance Day and Christmas Day.

As for Red nose day,hot dog day, Pair Hilton Day etc. I don't bother.

I haven't spoken to or seen my dad in over 20 years so fathers day is just a camping weekend for me.

I don't dread holidays anymroe, I just don't buy into teh commercialsim of it all, and neither do other members of my family, so nobody is upset when I don't give my brither inlaw or even brother somethign for Fathers day, they aren't MY father, though many feel any man who's a father gets some special teatment by all who know him.

Don't buy into it, just go with what you feel good about. They have even come close to making Halloween a holiday, why not, it is already commercialized.

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Family Day is great!

by tcavadias Staff In reply to Holidays

I like that one.. too bad more companies don't create purposeful holidays. As I just know some of the off the wall ones were created by companies for no other reason then to go with their next big sale!

-Tammy :-)

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sure as heck am

by jck In reply to Rant of The Week - Holida ...

I especially hate Christmas being commercialized.

I wanna go live in a cave now. lol

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Aww.... don't cry...

by tcavadias Staff In reply to sure as heck am

it's ok JC.... Here have a box of tampons, it works wonders for drying the tears too! ;-)

-Tammy :-)

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:^0 :^0 Fathers Day Gift :)

by The Scummy One In reply to Aww.... don't cry...

so how often are you screaming JCK is my daddy! :^0 :^0
Sorry -- that was bad...

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by tcavadias Staff In reply to :^0 :^0 Fathers Day Gift ...

..not Daddy.. get it right now Scummy

-Tammy :-)

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So, JCK is your 'Milkman'??? :0

by The Scummy One In reply to Milkman...

what kind of 'milk' :0 :0

This time no 'sorry' cause my religion made me say it!!!


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i'm your ice cream man...

by jck In reply to So, JCK is your 'Milkman' ...

stop me when i'm passin by...
all my flavors are...
guaranteed to satisfy...

lol ]:) (and no that's not to you, Scummy lol)

i'm not King of Swill for nothin, ya know

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