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Rant of The Week - Reflection of Changes - 07/09/08

By tcavadias Staff ·
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No stomping of the feet, or whining, or ranting from me this week (so you all can put away your violins, ear plugs and cheese).

Unlike the title reflects - this is actually a "Reflection" on changes versus a rant about changes. I had planned to post this last week enlight of the recent Web design change, which had me reflecting back on different changes I have seen throughout my life along with changes happening now. I'm sure a lot of you regardless of age have seen/experienced your own changes in life - good and bad.

As I reflect back on changes, I am reminded that whether for the better or worse "change" is all a part of life. We can try all we want to keep things the same, but eventually we tend to discover changes will happen whether we want them to or not. For some, change brings confusion and uncertainty. Which is why so many of us don't like things to change as we prefer the "known". The "known" is more comfortable than the unknown as we know what to expect and what not to expect.

I thought I'd share some of my own reflections on changes. I've kept things brief on purpose, as I know we'll each delve deeper as our conversations normally do.

New Moderator

When I came onboard as moderator - there was excitement, yet uncertainty. At least on my part. Even though I have been doing this type of stuff for years, this was still a new forum with its own set of members who had gotten use to a certain way of how things were done. I was excited to be here, but uncertain how the members would respond to me. As time progresses I have started to know some of the members and in the process have gained a whole new insight. I have no doubt my coming onboard had/has caused a few folks some confusion and uncertainty of their own. Will this be different? Can we still do this or that? Will/won't this be allowed? How will this affect us? While some kinks are still being worked out, I do believe we are heading in the right direction.

New Web Design

The new Web design for TechRepublic came as a shock for many of us. It was unexpected, and with that comes the uncertainty. How will the new design compare to the old? Will our favorite features still be available or will they disappear? Some will like the new design, others will not, but eventually in time it will be accepted, at least until the next change. Then we can start the cycle all over again. I personally like the new front door of TechRepublic. While a couple items were shifted around, with some items being removed, I have now come to accept what is and look to improve on what we have. I also liked the old design - it was what I was use to, I had come to know all its little quirks. The new design comes with its own set of quirks that I now must get to know.

U.S. politics

Here in the U.S. we are gearing up for the election of the next President of the United States. This is a huge time of change for the U.S not so much because we are voting for our next President - but because this is the first time in the United States history that we have/had three running mates who all are firsts - a female who is/was a strong contender (she has since conceded to Obama), an African-American and the oldest man to ever run for President.

No matter who actually wins the election, it will bring about a lot of uncertainty.

I'm not going to speculate on the type of President each will or won't be. But I will say that I hope that which ever is elected will bring about the type of changes that improve this country for its people.

The Next Generation, Morals and Respect

Each day as I read the newspaper or watch the news on TV, the headlines scream - teen-ager raped a 4 yr old girl, a teen-ager killed his parents for not giving him an allowance, a teen-ager assaulted a 67 yr old lady, a teen-ager broke into subway and made away with $50.00. I can't help but wonder where is this world headed if the next generation of leaders seem to have forgotten/not taught the basic morals of life. As if there is no respect for anything or anyone. It actually scares me to think about what life will be like 20 years from now if things continue as they are. It actually makes me wish things were like they were when I was child (and yes, I know these things happened back then as well, but it seemed like it wasn't a daily headline as it is now, but that still doesn't stop the wishing).

The above is just a small reflection of changes. There is many more that I could reflect on in my own life, but I thought this would be a good starting point.

What changes have you seen that left you feeling uncertain? What changes leave you wishing things would go back to how they use to be? What changes leave you feeling saddened or angry? What changes has caused you to sit back on your heels and go - something needs to change?

-Tammy :-)

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While I'm thinking (a seemingly difficult task of late)...

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Rant of The Week - Reflec ...
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Reflection of Changes

by The Scummy One In reply to Rant of The Week - Reflec ...

Changes are best made when it is not expected. An
example: Our company has decided that Vista (that nasty,
creepy POS of an MS OS) was what we would all be moving
to (Ive been looking for who to blame/beat up for this
Anyway, to the point. Recently I had upgraded 6 people,
who, when not informed that they were being moved took
to the new OS quickly enough. Complaints came in,
however send them to a few training sites and viola, no
big problems (except when they needed being rebuilt,
however I am excluding the POS OS itself and its
The next round of people, who just a few weeks ago were
begging for a new system, have since (since they found
out it was Vista) refused to give up the old one, or allow
the new one to be setup.
Why? -- Change of course. If I set it up and threw it on
their desk, they would get used to it. But since there is
warning-- they will delay and fight as long as possible
(myself included).

New Moderator -- Yes, some were freaked out. But, hey,
it was bound to happen sooner or later. I think that the
main thing was -- what could we get away with
So far, I have no probs wit ya! However if you get outta
line, expect a spankin

New Design -- Well, since I just argued FOR change
without notice, you would think that I would take that
stance here too! WRONG!!
While I would have liked a bit of notice, when the site
came back up my first thought was 'cool'. Then after days
of no 404's, I was plagued with them. It seems once the
site was running decently well, it suddenly became
screwed up!
I was fine with it, with a few complaints though. I would
like my bar back telling me who I am logged in as and
how many t-ups I got (hint, hint)(nudge, nudge)

Politics -- Well, I aint voting for them. Each one will
screw up the country a bit more for personal gain.

Morals -- Hmmm, I will leave this one alone. Cause I
wanta smak, puch, kick, or shoot 1 in 5 people these
Hmmm, is it me??? Nah, its gotta be the dumba$$es

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Reflecting on change?

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Rant of The Week - Reflec ...


From conception until death a constant barrage of change shapes us. Small and mostly unnoticeable change at the cellular level ? I read somewhere that every seven years the human cellular structure is completely different. Bold, noticeable, in your face change; from which life?s lessons make or break us.

Noticeable change to which we instinctively simply react, thoughtless moments that bring consequence of one kind or another, if not immediately, then at a later date.

Inner change of the sort that real self-awareness invites.

Broken heart mended heart, broken heart never mended. Change either way.

Wrinkles! Change of life. Youth. Age. Dog person becomes cat person ? how the hell did that happen?

Rocker becomes jazzman.

Global warming, global cooling.

Dinosaurs. Humans. Gods. Devils. Shamans, priests, atheists. Presidents, kings, dictators. All subject to change.

Life is change. If change is growth, life is good. If not? Regression, mayhap evil.

Change of face on a beloved website, or book cover, cosmetic, not particularly important in a grander scheme.

Change ? if there?s no grander scheme, then give me back my avatar box.

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Re: New Moderator

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Rant of The Week - Reflec ...

This one seems to be OK even if she loves Harlie's we can Edumicate her on this one and make her better.

Only real change that I'm personally looking forward to is being able to fur full my life long dream of Growing Old Disgracefully. Otherwise it's just Life the Universe and Everything. :0

New Web Design

Looks as if it's been thought out by a team who have no real knowledge of what is required little things like the wrong colors being used to make some of the type just disappear for those who are color blind comes to mind here. Avatar Box being removed because it's assumed that it wasn't used enough isn't enough reason to do this. I've personally logged in here several times and found that I'm not actually logged in only visiting as a stalker.

US Politics

Who gives a Rats? :0

The next generation

Not even worth the time & effort to look at as they are terrible. What's worse is that this lot will eventually be the Police that I have to deal with when I get speeding tickets. The current ones no longer have a clue the next generation will be hopelessly brainwashed into believing that they are actually doing some good by writing out tickets for speeding.

Give me an Old Motorcycle Cop any day of the week they at least knew what was involved and left well enough alone unless it was extremely dangerous then they just didn't see it as they where not going to kill themselves to hand out a ticket. ;\

However I do love the looks on the faces of these Young Police when I pull off the helmet after being spoken down to and they realize that I'm older than their parents and should know better. When it's actually they just don't have a clue. :^0

Someday one may even realize that I'm not wearing a Legal Helmet as it doesn't have a ASA Sticker on it and as the AU Standards Association is there to set the standards they must have the best right? Of course the Bell Helmets that I always wear exceed these Standards by a large amount but because they don't have that silver sticker they are illegal here talk about stupidity. B-)

Col ]:)

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Changing for the better or the worse?

by jdclyde In reply to Rant of The Week - Reflec ...

Moderator? I understand that there were "some people" here that had concerns about the new warden here at TR.

US Politics. Three unqualified people, put in the position they are in by the media, and not a single intelligent choice among the three of them. (now two). It is my prediction you will see a huge migration to the Libertarian party because the two sadsacks offered up by the big two will both make matters worse, not better. Being a tortured war vet or a black man, are NOT qualifiers to be leaders.

Kids today. They are products of the "feel good" crowd that has said we should have no standards or judgments. Want to know who is to blame? You might not want to admit it, but you know. These kids have been told that morals are just byproducts of a religion they should not belong to (thank you secular progressives).

Well Tammy, I think about the only hot button topic you forgot was abortion as birth control.....

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Leading the decline

by jdclyde In reply to Changing for the better o ...

Look at what is a roll model.

Used to be someone like John Wayne was a roll model.

Now you see some punks running around with their pants hanging down and big clocks around their necks.

The message used to be, be strong and stand up for what you believe.

The message is now to glamorize ghetto life.

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But JD don't we all want to live in a Slum?

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Leading the decline

These Middle Class comfortable individuals just long to be able to upgrade to a Slum to live. Pity that the kids in question will not accept the life style and only want to play at being slum kids.


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They gangstas....

by jdclyde In reply to But JD don't we all want ...

gunna go smack down their ho's and pimp out their rides, and then pop a cap in yo a$$...

It is twice as funny when you see rich white boys trying to play gangsta... Drop the punks off down town Detroit or Flint for five minutes and let them have a real eye opening experience...... Not as glamorous on that side....

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by Jellimonsta In reply to They gangstas....

One of our offices was based close to Flint. They moved to Southfield though (the time I Emailed you about being around and we were going to meet).
My last position proposition in the UK before I came to the US was to go into "Enterprise". It turns out the guy wanted me to be a pimp. :0
I respectfully declined. :)

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