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RANT ON: Why are people so phone addicted?

By sjohnson175 ·
I've had two phone calls today that should have been e-mails.

First was someone requesting a code rollback in an app in a test system because a change (currently under test mind you) was conflicting with some testing in a downstream app.

So the tester in question calls me, a new to the company CONTRACTOR, to request this. This call does not include the party responsible at the user level for the application being tested that needs to be rolled back. Once I asked he be included in an e-mail he was able to come up with another solution not requiring a code rollback.

Second call was the consumer of a data file we submitted to its consumer for test yesterday. I receive a call with a list of issues. This is not documented ANY FREAKING WHERE and I'm liable to forget half of it.

Things like this should ALWAYS be handled in e-mail. The retention rate of READ info is much better than HEARD info. E-mails can be REFERED BACK TO and can represent an AUDIT TRAIL.

Please, people, USE THE FREAKING e-mail.

There, now I feel better.

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Son, you'd better smile when you say "contractor"

by stress junkie In reply to RANT ON: Why are people s ...


In the case of the first call I think that the phrase "new to the company" was more relevant than the fact that the person was a CONTRACTOR.

I agree with you that system change requests should be documented. The easiest tool for this is email. If the person is new to your environment then maybe he/she didn't realize that you want to keep good documentation. A lot of places don't do this. Plus starting a new job is like when you first started driving a car. The new car driver has to think about everything involved in the operation of the car. Eventually you develop reflexes to look on the side of the road for pedestrians and road signs and other things. When you first start driving everything is new. The same applies to starting a new job. A new employee may just forget about this or that procedure that you use. As for being a contractor I'll say that everything about being new is heightened when you are contracting.

Now I feel better. :-)

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No, I AM the contractor.

by sjohnson175 In reply to Son, you'd better smile w ...

And have only been on assignment since 6/15. Calling my orientation to the new environment minimal is being very generous so I'm really feeling that hightened new job thing.

Those who called me were in-house employees and AFAIK techs who have been with the orgnization for quite some time. In other words should know better and should have shown courtesy to my newbie satus.

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by stress junkie In reply to No, I AM the contractor.

At least you know that I'm looking out for you. Defend you to the death. That sort of thing.

I spent 15 years contracting.

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