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By lowlands ·
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I am assuming someone must have vented about this before. But now it's my turn, it's been one of those days.
Not only have I had a day at work where it seems I have to spell everything out in as much detail as I can come up with. It happens here too!

How lazy are some people? Is it too much to ask to type a search string in a search engine before typing up a post? Maybe, it's too much work to open two or three search results and then copy/paste that, it must be easier to have some do that for you so all you have to do is come back here and cut/paste.

Ahhhhhhh, now I feel much better

ps. edit for the link to the thread, at least now someone can tell me I overreacted and put everything back in perspective for me :)

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Rant away

by Tig2 In reply to Rant

Welcome to the frustration zone. It's fun to help out on questions where the individual has done at least the initial legwork and is simply stumped for an answer. Not so much fun when you get little to no initial information and discover that the answer is as easy as opening the search engine of your choice and tossing in some keywords. As I like to remind people, Google is your friend.

Even better are the students that post their homework. Sheesh!

So rant on. Your frustrations are shared by many on this board. We not only understand but have been there, done that. I think TheChas even has the coffee cup. Hal and Max too.

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Give them the Google search!! Great!!

by TechExec2 In reply to Rant

What you did in your second answer in the case you cited is a great way to handle this (and what I do when called-for). If a simple Google search provides the answer, just give the Google search.

Most everyone will get the point. Good job!!

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It is people....

by onbliss In reply to Give them the Google sear ...

...who would not get the point that post such questions in the first place :-)

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I am afraid you're right

by lowlands In reply to It is people....

I suppose some people just come looking for a quick answer, without having to do any work or research themselves. Like the people TT mentioned, that come here and want their homework done for them.

Well I shall not cooperate :)

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Searching forums

by onbliss In reply to Rant

Long back (3-4 years ago), I used to hang around VbForums a community dedicated to Visual Basic programming. One of the standard procedures requested of new members/posters was to search the discussion forums before even asking a question. Yet questions were repeated often.

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