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Rantings of a reluctant project leader

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15 Minutes about writing specs

by nathan.noble In reply to Rantings of a reluctant p ...

Blogging is fun if you have the muscle for writing,
which I don't. I am as lazy as they come. At work when doing a project the
hardest part to do for me is to write software specifications. First there is
the Functional specification then there is the Detailed Design specification.
Not a very enjoyable endeavor I must say yet very necessary for the project to
be successful. So what can I do? There are several options: 1) Hire someone to
write the specs for me 2) Hire someone to attend design meetings and take notes
that will be later used to write the specs 3) Don't write specs. Among the
three the third option is very appealing but it obviously is the surest way to
make a project fail. Personally I like the second option. There is only one
problem. I can't afford to hire a technical assistant. And even if the company
can afford it I?m not sure my superior will like the idea. Hiring another team
member just to write specs is very costly and will... blah blah... You get my
point. Ugh! I can't win. There must be a way to make us like to write specs. I
like to like to write specs but I don't know how. <strong>Flashback!</strong> <em>Ten years ago I
was the associate editor of our school paper. Actually I was an editor in my
high school and in my university. So it seems that I enjoy writing. Wrong. I
like reading and reading and editing other people's material is quite appealing
to me. Oh yes there were articles and columns that I wrote myself but they were
sparks of inspiration and creativity. They were products of times when your
fingers just itch to put ideas into paper. Those are rare times.</em> Times for
writing specs are not rare! Specs always need to be written and updated. And
there seems to be a way to make me enjoy it. But I just can't put my finger on
it.<br />
<br />
By the way, there is a rather amusing article about functional spec writing found <a href="">here</a>.<br />

And in case you are curious, it took me <strong>15 minutes</strong> to write this blog.

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