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    rapid reload of XP machines


    by davedaslave ·

    Hi there,

    I need to rapidly reload approximately 20 XP machines used for software testing in a lab environment. These machines have XP, and typically Office 2003, MS Visual Studio, Visio and MS Project installed. There are four different hardware platforms involved.

    Is it possible to use RIS or ADS to completely reload these machines from an image, or do these tools only work with the OS?

    If RIS and ADS won’t work, what is the best third party option?

    Thank you

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      A RIS image would work

      by zlitocook ·

      In reply to rapid reload of XP machines

      But you would need four images and four boot disks to point to the images. Why not use ghost, load one computer with every thing it needs and ghost it. Then when you have to blow it away boot to the floppy or CD. A ghost image will be done in ten to twenty minutes.

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        by jim_p ·

        In reply to A RIS image would work

        Yeah I agree, ghost would be good, just don’t forget to Sysprep before hand?
        You can even use the Sysprep Manager to create an inf file to automate the mini setup process, just to speed the installation process up and make it a bit easier for mass installation.


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