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    rar password


    by aafaque1988 ·

    i am going to make a project on password cracking of rar file but there is a problem that how can i access the rar password or the file and can u give me information that where and how the rar password stores
    thanks in advance

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      by aafaque1988 ·

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      Isnt that what your project is about?

      by w2ktechman ·

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      Have you ever thought of research? And anyway, why do you need to crack PW protected RAR files?
      What, are you a friggin idiot?
      You make a project out of it, and then ask for the answer for a quick fix! What kind of friggin lazy dumba$$ moron are you?
      I got an idea, jump off a cliff, then you wont have to worry about using your brain cells anymore.
      You are a waste of space on this planet, now go, rid yourself of the disease plaguing you, actually learning something. Go now, off yourself. tis the only way you will ever find true peace (except as a sheep lover)

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      Follow this link

      by rob miners ·

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      Oi Pal !! You’re breathin’ my air ! …

      by older mycroft ·

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      Stop that at once!

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      Easy answer here

      by oh smeg ·

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      [b]TR members do not assist password recovery. Do not respond to this thread
      The members of TechRepublic – A Resource for IT Professionals,[/b] will not assist anyone in the recovery of lost passwords. You may have a legitimate reason to recover a password. However, we cannot verify your motives and will therefore not assist anyone in what may be an attempt at gaining unauthorized access to a computer system. Due to the open nature of this forum, any assistance given to help circumvent security measures, even for legitimate purposes, would be available for unscrupulous individuals to use for illegitimate purposes. This is a risk that we the members of TechRepublic will not take. Please do not ask questions of this nature on TechRepublic.

      If you have a legitimate need to circumvent a password scheme, please contact the vendor for the software / hardware and request their assistance. E.g. Windows XP password recovery issues should be taken up with Microsoft’s technical support, Phoenix BIOS password recovery issues should be taken up with Phoenix Technologies, etc.. To those viewing this post: Please DO NOT respond any further to this thread.

      This template has been released under the GNU public license and you are encouraged to use it as a standard reply for questions of similar nature, provided that you make any modifications available to other users.

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      Password Cracking

      by bizzo ·

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      Password cracking for archive files
      are a pain, especially with
      some extensions like rar.
      Some softwares are available, but be
      wary of them.
      Ordinarily I wouldn’t share info
      regarding cracking, so proceed with
      due care.

      Carefully open the
      rar file in a hex editor
      and examine the bytes in the
      centre of the file.
      Keep looking for strings and
      examine the contents.
      Rar files have the password
      strings hidden in the file.

      Permanently delete the password
      if you find them,
      sometimes it works,
      sometimes it doesn’t.

      My advice would be to have
      eleven copies of the file.

      Of these eleven, find the
      fourth one that finds “password”
      finishing with the ‘#’ char.

      Now you have this file
      open, you should be able to
      write your new password.

      Generally speaking, rar files are
      often easily crackable.

      Although saying that,
      no file should really be cracked
      due to the fragility of the files.

      Bare in mind that
      overtly posting cracking
      information will make you
      lose all respect from peers.

      You may find that, being the
      original poster of this, get
      used to people slating your
      reasons for cracking.

      However, I’m bored now,
      especially now it’s raining
      and I’m stuck in the office. Go and
      do what Old Mycroft said.

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      So you have a cunning plan to

      by tony hopkinson ·

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      crack Rar passwords, ask TR members to do it for you….

      A teensy weensy flaw there matey, we don’t do cracks!

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      It’s a great question

      by passwordunlocker ·

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      I also want to konw.
      If anyone knows,please help,thanks

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      by dondefy ·

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      Ever heard of Maybe you should research that before you start posting…

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