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RAS and internet browsing

By rkoozer ·
My clients can access the network and can browse our intranet but cannot browse the internet, I'm stumped.

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by curlergirl In reply to RAS and internet browsing

Me, too, because you have given us absolutely no information on which to base any kind of response to your question. If this is a serious question, please give us details on your network operating system and config, routers, firewalls, Internet connection methods, etc., so that we can intelligently try to answer your question.

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by CG IT In reply to RAS and internet browsing

well I see RAS there in the subject heading along with internet browsing. RRAS is Routing and Remote Access with the Routing part being the server acts as a router [multihomed] for clients. To allow clients internet access via the RRAS server, RRAS must be configured via the ICS wizard in RRAS as well at configuring NAT [which you have to have running as well] to translate the private non routable LAN IP addresses into routable public IP address assigned to you by your ISP.

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by ewgny In reply to RAS and internet browsing

Sounds like your VPN clients can get to the private network, but can't surf the web once connected. This is because your default gateway is your RAS Server. To give them internet access while connected via VPN, you can enter a proxy address for your internal proxy server in the VPN settings (Internet explorer - connections tab.) That is if you have a proxy server on the internal network. If not your problem may warrant adding a proxy server to the internal network.

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by haileyan In reply to RAS and internet browsing

It sounds to me like the remote clients are not getting the proper gateway information.

At the command prompt do a IPConfig /all. Make sure that the gateway listed for the connection to your office shows the proper Gateway.

If it is not check your RAS settings. Let the clients get their settings from DHCP if possible in your environment.

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by matherg In reply to RAS and internet browsing

The problem is you are using the wrong default gateway. Go to the properties of your RAS connection on the client, click on the Networking tab, open up the properties for the Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), click on the Advanced tab and uncheck Use default gateway on the remote network. Reboot the client. You should now be able to access the Internet.

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