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RAS clients stealing DHCP addresses?

By sblakeup ·
I've got a Win2K client box running a static I.P. address, yet it shows up in my DHCP lease pool as consuming TWO I.P. addresses. Addresses have RAS icon next to them. They renew themselves when deleted from the pool. We do NOT have RAS enabled on either the workstation or the DHCP server.

Previously, I saw the same symptoms on an NT 4.0 box that had been infected by a virus. Uninstalling and reinstalling Window Networking solved the issue on the NT Box, but have no effect on the Win2K box.

Is anyone familiar with this problem and know of a virus cleaning tool or registry patcher that will allow me to fix this without loading the OS?

Thanks for your assistance.

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by CG IT In reply to RAS clients stealing DHCP ...

Is RAS enabled anywhere on the network? You say not on the DHCP server but RAS doesn't have to be on the DHCP server can be a stand alone server. RAS with the configuration of providing remote access clients with IP addresses from DHCP will take them out of the range DHCP has to offer.

I don't know of any viruses that can do that but Trojans or a specifically designed exploit can.

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by lcampbell In reply to RAS clients stealing DHCP ...

Is the client machine multi-homed? If so, disable the extra Nic and forget about it.

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