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RAS Log-In Scripts

By froche ·
Currently some of our users are having problems with (1) staying connected to the RAS and (2) when connected they are not getting their log-in scripts and some are unable to browse the ntework.

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by DukeBytes In reply to RAS Log-In Scripts

Did this just happen or is it a new install? What version of server are you running? Is it just a couple of modems connected to the serial ports - or are you using a Digi board or something like that? And what service pack is the server at?

I can't say too much about Win2K and RAS - but with NT4 - earlier versions of it were ahhh "bad" at best. I would update to the latest service pack on the box - and if it is - reinstall the latest service pack - that usually fixed any minor RAS problems for me.

The best connections that you get are from a Digi or other multi port comm board. Modems never work real well via the serial ports on NT. Make sure that you have the latest drivers for NT for whatever your using to dial into - either modem or comm board.

Hey - look at it this way - it could be a Shiva - lanrover box that your working with viva RAS!!!

One better is PPTP via a internet connection. You might just want to let your users dial into their own internet access and setup a rule for PPTP (port 1723 and gre - for a PIX)in your firewall to access that box and let them in that way. That works pretty well and you don't have to mess with the phone lines etc...

Good Luck,

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by froche In reply to RAS

OK, here is what I'm working with. Our RAS is on our MS Exchange Server, its a 4-port Comtrol RocketModemII. The server is running NT4.0 SP6. I checked with Comtrol and I have they latest drivers for the modem. I've checked all remote settings on myend and everything is fine. The intermitent problems we're running into are these and after some tests I'm thinking the problem lies with mostly the phone lines? I have a Dell C800 Latitude, as does most of my users some use IBM A20's and some dial-in from the own home PC's. When I dial in from home which is out of state I do not get my mappings and I'm unable to browse my network, other have this same problem, others have never had this problem. Now I just dialed in from my desk here at work and I'm getting my mappings? Other problems are that the best connection speeds we can get are around 22-26kbps. I've read that the RAS needs to be on a PD in order for the scripts to run, but after running my tests that is not true. Also due to the traffic that runs through our Exchange server I have been told to take the RAS off and place it on a BDC. Right now I'm just looking for consistency, I want users to stay connected and at speeds higher than 26kbps. I've checked the Microsoft KnowledgeBase and had no luck finding any helpful solutions.

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Make sure the machines have accounts

by Koke In reply to RAS

We use PPTP and access through the internet for our remote users. I have experienced users having difficulty browsing the network and seeing windows machines also. I circumvented this by making sure that they used our domain as their workgroup name and also put an account on our internal system for their machine name at home. So, Fred's PC would have a machine name of FredPC and "ourworkgroup" . This has made browsing Windows shares possible for remote users. I have not experimented with logon scripts for remote users, such as setting network drives etc. I have instructed them to utilize network nieghborhood. Hope this helps if you have not already done this.


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Phone lines.

by DukeBytes In reply to RAS

I know that this isn't a great answer - but - it does sound like phone line problems. The best thing that you can do is try to have the phone co check the lines etc... If you get a good tech - he might replace the blocks outside if they are old and check each line that you are having problems with. But - if you can dial - and get connected - the phone co will say that there is nothing wrong with the lines... The biggest problem with this is that - where you are calling from might have the trouble and your company phone co can't do anything about it. I would try some testing for yourself also - try calling your RAS from your building from a DID line if you have one (fax line maybe) and see what kind of connection that you get - and tryit from your home and maybe a friends house that lives outside of your phone company. This might help you track down where the problems are.

I would still reapply the service pack - that never hurts :)

The other post about the shares and suchsounds like a good idea also - that browser stuff gets wierd without being in the same "network".

Good luck

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RAS Problems

by dpmjr In reply to Phone lines.

We had a similar problem with drive mappings when users RAS'd in. We found that by deleting the WINS data base we were able to get drive mappings! We moved the WINS database to another server and all seems to be stable.

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