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RAS not answering

By NateH ·
Hello all,

I have previously set up several systems with remote access into a Win2000 Server using the Routing and Remote Access tools. They have all been successful and able to dial in with no problems.

I am now dealing with a customer that has me stumped.
On the client side using WinXP, I setup the dial-up using the VPN settings (which I have done multiple times for others.)
On the server end, I configured the RRAS as RAS server using DHCP and set the policies for accepting dial-in. I also gave the admin rights for dial-in.

I go to the client and dialup the server (using all the settings I have used before) and it seems to dial correctly, gets to the server and just sits at the point where it says "Verifying username and password". It finally times out.

I checked the logs and I see no errors, nothing.
I compared this server to one that was working and found one discrepancy.

In the RRAS-Local Server->IP Routing->General, there are 3 entries: Loopback, Local Area Connection, and Internal.

The Internal data is showing IP:Not available, Operations Status: Non-operational.

Huh? What does that mean and how do I correct this? and is this the cause of the problem?




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by rostman In reply to RAS not answering

Do you have a firewall of any kind in place? The problem you describe is usually caused by packets returned by the server being blocked from reaching the client. In my case, it was my ISP who was causing the problem by having all ports closed. My server at work would respond, but I would not get the data. I would just time out as you are doing.

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by NateH In reply to

Nope. Definitely not ISP/firewall related. All ports are open. I can even get to the firewall and can get through, but the authentication gets stopped for some reason.

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by Joseph Moore In reply to RAS not answering

I checked my RRAS server (8 modems for dial-up and 2 PPTP ports for VPN testing only) and my Internal adapter has an IP address, and it is operational status is Connected.
Do you have IP addresses assigned to the RRAS server to issue to connected clients? Either from a static IP address pool, or acquired from a DHCP server (using the RRAS DHCP relay agent)?
I'm asking because the IP address my Internal adapter has is the 1st IP in my reserved IP pool for RRAS clients.
So, how does this sound. The client RRAS server does not have any IPs to issue to connected clients. So, when it tries to authenticate you when you connect, there are no IPs to give you, so the connection fails.
I would think that that would be logged in the Event Viewer, so maybe you have logging disabled? In the RRAS snap-in, right-click the RRAS servername, choose Properties -> Event Logging tab. Select the option to log the maximum amount of stuff. Click OK and there you go, more RRAS logs then you could ever want!
hope this helps

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by NateH In reply to RAS not answering

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