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RAS on terminal server

By sahmed ·
hi, all
need some advise, we have a terminal server (2003) which is providing access to remote users through (site to site VPN), over a adsl line, we have ordered another adsl line so that we can have a server configured with routing and remote access. i was wondering if i can enable routing and remote access on the terminal server with a aditional NIC that will be connected directly to the new adsl line, and we can use that NIC as Routing and remote access. the terminal server is directly connected to the network, (with the new adsl line there will be a zyxel Prestige 660 H Gateway) which means if i have the new line connecting to the terminal server to the new NIC (which i plan to use for routing and remote access). would that cause any problem hence the terminal server is already connected to the network which has another adsl line. or is there any other options for that. hope its not too confusing your comments are much appriciated.

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by CG IT In reply to RAS on terminal server

ok a question. What's the terminal server for? It has additional licensing requirements over and above the standard CALS so using it to provide access to remote users seems a waste of CALs and $$.

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by curlergirl In reply to RAS on terminal server

You could use the terminal server as a RRAS server, but I wouldn't recommend it. Since the TS is already running separate processes for each user that is logged onto it, you can really bog the server down by loading additional service-level processes to it.

Also, the scenario you are describing in terms of the NICs and routing won't work without a lot of trouble. What exactly is the purpose of this second DSL line and router? Is the router/gateway you are going to be using on this line capable of accepting incoming VPN connections? If so, I'd recommend doing that rather than trying to get your terminal server to also be a RRAS server.

Hope this helps!

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