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RAS using all dhcp addresses

By jsloan1223 ·
Hi, on my windows 2000 server, I have a small group of IP addresses set aside for visitors to use when accessing our network. Everyone else has a static address. Today I checked the dhcp and 9 out of 10 dhcp addresses available have been 'claimed' by the mail server with unique ID RAS.

First question, is this normal or should I be suspecting a trojan/virus? How can I convince the server to resume handing out the occasional dhcp address?

Thanks in advance for any tips you can offer.

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by jsloan1223 In reply to RAS using all dhcp addres ...

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by BFilmFan In reply to RAS using all dhcp addres ...

Are you running RAS services on the mail server?

The problem is that, by default, RAS gets installed pre-configured for 10 dial-in ports. This means that if someone simply installs the software, it will consume 10 separate IP addresses. This happens even if there are no modems installed on the host! Also, every time the Windows 2000 box reboots it will change the identifier that it uses to acquire IP addresses so it gets 10 new addresses at each reboot.

How are these visitor systems connecting to your system?

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by BFilmFan In reply to

I was thinking that you might find this informatin of assistance:

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by jsloan1223 In reply to

Thank you for the help. All seems to be working as expected now, and I am grateful for your assistance.

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by jsloan1223 In reply to RAS using all dhcp addres ...

I don't think I am using RAS on the mail server. I know I never configured it. It's nice to hear that this is a microsoft default thing and therefore not a true trojan! Anyway, I set it to manual and now will find out if it was being used! All VPN connections get established thru the firewall and then grab a dhcp address (unless they are all used up, which would explain why users were sometimes unable to connect thru the vpn).

Visitors are only able to share our internet connection - this way I don't have to manually configure their laptops in order for guests to go online and do their little demonstrations.

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by jsloan1223 In reply to RAS using all dhcp addres ...

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disable the remote access option

by pankajsri In reply to RAS using all dhcp addres ...

when you enable the routing and remote access service, the remote access part takes some IP and caches it for later use. This eats up your IP addresses. Just un-check the Remote Access option in "Routing And Remote Access" ...

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