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    RAS/VPN DHCP problem on Win2003


    by jo.en ·

    I have tried to configure a VPN solution running on a Win2003 server, but run into DHCP problems.

    When configure it to use ?Static address pool? it works, but my preferred choice are to use ?Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)? (Configured under ?Routing and remote Access?/?properties?/?IP?), but configured as preferred my client is given the same IP address as my VPN server?? and no recourses will be visible on the client.

    I have also tried both with and without enabling the ?DHCP Relay Agent? without any success. (Configured under ?Routing and remote Access?/?IP Routing?/?DHCP Relay Agent?/??..)

    PLS do anyone have any bright ideas why!! And how to fix/test it.
    And can anybody explain how the first and second settings interact?
    (Do the ?Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)? require the ?DHCP Relay Agent? to be enabled?)


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