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    RAS windows 2003


    by tmocker ·

    I have problems with remote access via modem from my PC to Windows server 2003.Modem is installed.I setting Router and Remote Access in WIN2003.
    I try connectivity from PC to server ,or modem on server not hang-up.When I try modem-diagnostic is OK.When I start Hyperterminal and run command ATS0=1, connectivity is good. Can you help me.
    Thanks Tibor from Slovakia

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      Reply To: RAS windows 2003

      by hakoracle ·

      In reply to RAS windows 2003

      plz verfify that user from r u going to connect having RAS dialin /remote access right and terminal is configure and rights is given…
      windows 2003 as per microsoft trying to secure its server platform come with by default more secured…
      like if a domain noramal user login to server and member of 2003 domain it cannat make change on it own pcs mean major of the policies implement and when need to give additional rights to user or changes in policy.

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      Reply To: RAS windows 2003

      by cg it ·

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      when you install RRAS the default policy created is no access, therefore you either modify the defaul policy in RRAS to allow access or delete the default policy and create a new one with the access parameters you want.

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