Raspberry Pi and a HDMI display

By ascsunday ·
I have a Raspberry Pi and an HDMI display on the same device that both need to have a power supply. The Raspberry Pi seems to ask for 5 Volts, the HDMI display is asking for 2 Volts, and my battery is 3.2 Volts. What is the best solution to this? Is there a voltage converter that will have a dual voltage output, or will one of these 2 devices be flexible
on the voltage?

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Raspi/HDMI P/S

by rbowers0828 In reply to Raspberry Pi and a HDMI d ...

Search on Amazon for level shifters. There are plenty of converters that will go up or down in voltage for a couple bucks each. If you are going to be using it alot, try headless. VNC into your Pi and you won't need a display or mouse. Your laptop or Tablet will work. Google Headless operation. Last if you are planning on really experimenting, have a 3.3v, 5v, and 12v handy. Relays and motors will need 12. Good luck.

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HDMI Display

by alexanealessia In reply to Raspberry Pi and a HDMI d ...

In my opinion, You should upgrade your device battery which supports both displays.

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