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    Raspberry Pi Set Up


    by reiddarren22 ·

    Hey everyone, my name is Darren. I am fairly new to the exciting world of I.T. I do have a bachelors degree in Network Administration, but in all honesty, technology is complicated enough without having to juggle many other courses and adult responsibilities. There was only so much information I could retain.

    Anyway, I’ve recently found an internship in my elementary school’s IT department and I felt that purchasing a Raspberry Pi was a great way to sharpen my I.T skills outside of work. I assembled it, stored the 32 bit Raspberry Pi OS onto an SD card, slipped that into the Pi and finally, a set up prompt appeared on the Touchscreen attachment. But the Touchscreen I purchased for the Pi isn’t working.

    I am not sure if this is a hardware or software issue. Either way, I could use some guidance.

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      Re: touch screen

      by kees_b ·

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      It might need a dedicated driver to turn a screen (an output device) into an input device. Check the documentation of the screen for what it says about drivers for the OS you installed on the Pi.

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      Reply To: Raspberry Pi Set Up

      by Kefian ·

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      Here are a few things I’d suggest doing in the first place:
      1. Double-check hardware connections.
      2. Verify software compatibility with the Touchscreen.
      3. Update Raspberry Pi OS.
      4. Look for specific driver installations or configurations.
      These are only the general notions to give you the general idea of what you can do. Hope it helps somehow

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      Details required.

      by rproffitt ·

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      The current crop of Pi’s are 64 bit and I ran into issues on my old outdated 32 bit boards.

      While I do own both 32 and 64 bit Pi’s I don’t have a screen on them.

      Add the exact screen make, model or a link to what you bought and the exact Pi you have to see if I can check out compatibility.

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