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    Rate my build


    by honeycone701 ·


    I’m thinking of switching the CL18 I already bought for a CL14, but not sure if the performance uptick will be worth

    gonna be doing open loop + overclocking, will 1000w be enough for that?

    this build is for video editing, coding, and ofc gaming

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      All this for a card game?

      by rproffitt ·

      In reply to Rate my build

      I see what looks like the 850W PSU at

      Yes, I see the typo on the CPU there. Right off the bat I would go with a pair of 16GB RAM sticks.

      I could go on but this looks to be a build that ignores budget. Sure, but why that RAM? Very odd.

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        by honeycone701 ·

        In reply to All this for a card game?

        what’s wrong with the ram? I was under the impression that tasks like video editing would use 32gb.
        Yeah I’m in a position where I can take as long as I want to save for this with minimal living costs, so I’m trying to future proof as much as possible

        Also I’m not understanding the card game reference

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          That RAM

          by rproffitt ·

          In reply to Huh?

          Is four sticks of 8GB. My advice is 2 stick of 16GB. Why? Bus loading.

          Spending more on a motherboard does not look to do any future proofing. Also,2560-2.html is old but still relevant. I would not buy a sound card unless I had same or more money in the speaker system.

          As to the card game you used the Acronym OFC so I looked it up.

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          No point future proofing

          by rgbsnorter ·

          In reply to Huh?

          I know this is late by a lot but there’s no point future proofing as the market is extremely competitive, and new products are getting dishes out every couple months.

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      by honeycone701 ·

      ofc is just shorthand for Of Course lol

      Thanks, I’ll switch to 2x16GB instead, I wanted to change to CL14 anyway

      I do have a good speaker system, and I’m also a musician, so good sound is highly important to me

      Thanks for the advice!

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