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Rate Setting Twist -> FT Job on Horiz

By Phaux ·
Recently laid off for the 2nd time in the past few years, I've interviewed w/ the big fish organization that ate the small company who did the deed to me the first time around. Seems that with a "real" company behind them, their products are takingoff.

So now they need help, and it appears they'd like to bring me on board but are not budgeted to do so at the moment. They would like to have me consult for them (read "work for them under a consulting contract") until they can get the funding, hopefully in a matter of several weeks.

I've very limited contract experience, so how the heck would I set pricing in a situation like this? Not only is there the usual "market pricing" issue, but sensitivity to transitioning to possible FT employment there.

Position is Pre-Sales Consultant, i.e., regional product specialist overlay for sales teams. Guessing FT salary a bit under $100k + bonus.

Since this isn't typical project or, in a way, even hourly consulting, any recommendations for pricing, rate setting?

Any warnings about accepting this consulting->FT engagement? Seems I assume most of the risk here...


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little math

by Cactus Pete In reply to Rate Setting Twist -> FT ...

Well, consider extra taxes you have to pay as your own employer and the health benefits you'd be providing for yourself, add about one third to what you think the FT salary would be, then a few percentages based on how much of your own time you willhave to spend managing yourself [paperwork for your own company, etc] and you should come to a reasonable number.

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