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Rate Your Programming Languages

By apotheon ·
I'm providing a set of characteristics that programming languages can have in varying degrees. I want you to rate every language you know well enough to give an informed opinion, on a scale of 1 to 10 (no zero or eleven scores, please), for each characteristic. When I've collected enough data from here and some other sources, I plan to create a simple web-based tool that does something useful with this data -- perhaps helps a developer choose a language for a project, a student choose a language to learn, or a random LiveJournal kid figure out what language he or she most resembles. Maybe all three, and some other things, too.

Buzzword Compliant
Dynamically Typed
Easy to Debug
Easy to Learn
Easy to Use
Fast Execution
Good for AI Programming
Good for Automation Scripting
Good for Education
Good for Embedded Device Programming
Good for Game Programming
Good for Hardware Access
Good for OOP
Good for Prototyping
Great CLI Support
Great Database Support
Great GUI Support
Great Library Support
Great Metaprogramming Support
Low Priced Tools
Many Available Development Tools
Not A Pig on Resources
OS Platform Availability
Pays Well
Powerful, Flexible, and Expressive
Strongly Typed
Suitable for Application Programming
Suitable for Web Programming
Teaches Good Programming Habits
Type Safe
Well Documented

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oh, my..

by dawgit In reply to Rate Your Programming Lan ...

set the criterium kinda high. mind if take a little time? (this is like a final critique at the end of a course) -d

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Sure, take your time.

by apotheon In reply to oh, my..

I was actually surprised by how many criteria I had once I made the list. I'll be pleasantly surprised if I get more than three or four people actually answering.

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