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    Rather confused ex-student needs help with job titles…….


    by gregm200 ·

    Hi folks.

    I’ve recently finished university and now I’m scouring newspapers and jobsites for vacancies, trouble is, I’m not sure what what I’m looking for. So, I’ve got a riddle for you all…

    I have a degree in Games Computing, I understand C++ somewhat, I am very good at choosing and installing hardware for clients and teaching them how to use it, I’m very good at building PC’s, I design newspaper adverts for clients, I have a flair for coputer game design.

    What am I?

    Sorry if that sounded a wee bit pretentious, Im having one of those days today…

    Thanks in advance for any input!

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      by gregm200 ·

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      Why don’t you go in for games development?

      by alightedme ·

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      Why don’t you go for games development? There are lot of game companies, which would be happy to hire you as junior developer. There is good career out there.

      Amit Bhatia

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      Forget the title and start thinking like a gamer !!

      by drowningnotwaving ·

      In reply to Rather confused ex-student needs help with job titles…….

      Titles are meaningless, as you will find from reading any of 100’s of threads on TR over the last few years.

      You’re a gamer? I mean, you’re not just a participant – you are a professionally trained and skilled game developer ?

      If you’re telling the truth, then Strategy is your second name!!!

      Why don’t you apply your own learning and discipline to this task?

      Think END-Game and work backwards! Think strategically. I mean, asking what “job title” to look for isn’t even being tactical, is it? At best it’s functional. At worst you’re just being bone lazy!! 🙂

      Why not develop your strategy and think from the goal first?

      Who are the 10 or so companies that you would want to work for?

      Work out what job you’d really want. DO NOT concern yourself whether or not that job exists – that is, for the moment, irrelevant.

      Send the CEO (no-one else !!) a letter saying why you’d be the best new person to work in their company.

      Before you do it, research each company a little. Make sure in your letter you relate to some recent success. Egos always need stroking.

      Once you get an interview (which you will, by the way – if you’re really serious) then you can ask another load of questions about how to handle that, at the time.

      Otherwise, why don’t you just invent a really cool new game and never work again? 😉

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      What headhunters have told me:

      by absolutely ·

      In reply to Rather confused ex-student needs help with job titles…….

      Make the resume specific to the job, not just the “cover letter”. You probably have some basics that go on every resume, but you also have some skills that are irrelevant to most jobs, but should be included when you apply for your dream job.

      Just hope you find it before I do!

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        Much obliged!

        by gregm200 ·

        In reply to What headhunters have told me:

        Thanks for the advice folks, I guess I’ll just have to keep plugging away. I really appreciate the help!

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