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    by statykserver ·

    Does anyone know why there is such a high percentage of unrated answers in this forum? Does it make sense to post a question and then not even take half the time the poster took to post a response and rate the answer? It should be common courtesy and just a little consideration to at least rate the answer and maybe give a little feedback on whether or not it worked. Some people are real good about doing this but there seems to be alot that seem to not even give a second thought about it……almost as if the blindly put up a post (while at the time hoping for an answer) and then just as quickly as they posted they forgot about the other people trying to help them.

    I guess the word that comes to mind about this situation is LEECHERS.
    (This should probably belong more on the discussion side but I thought more people would see it here. 🙂 )
    Well now that I got that off my keyboard its time to answer more posts.


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      by willcomp ·

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      I’m with you on this one. My current stats are 178 out of 312 not rated (57%).

      I can stand rejection most of the time, but it chaps my rear to spend time responding to someone who doesn’t even bother to check responses. Some of the unrated responses were rather long, detailed troubleshooting steps.

      Wonder if Tech Republic can lock out those who don’t rate responses? Or perhaps e-mail them a nasty note?


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      by thechas ·

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      I’ve been posting answers for over 4 years now.

      I think the main problem is that people don’t understand that this site works differently than a chat or bulletin board.

      TR has tried numerous things to encourage users to rate answers and close questions.

      The current system is a carrot approach.
      Users receive 1000 points when they close a question.

      Still, since the points presently have no “commercial” value, even that is little incentive to the average user.

      At one time, TR would auto-close questions and award points to all unrated answers. A bug in the code for this allowed a few peers to gather “free” points from posting nonsense answers at just the right time.

      I guess if someone wanted to spend the time looking through old questions and post a politely worded answer requesting that the user rate the answers and close the question, it might do some good.

      I have had a few peers rate answers and close questions after a year or more.

      I suggest that we take solace in the help we provide to those who appreciate it.


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      by cg it ·

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      Im with you, Willcomp and TheChas but like TheChas don’t hold much hope for an improvement.
      I’ve noticed a change recently though. The MSCE/MCSA/A+/CCNA/CCNP certification questions and the Microsoft Help and Support tech article questions seemed to have disappeared. For a while there that was the majority of questions asked. Some were seemingly obscure problems that might happen [but rarely did].


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      by rindi1 ·

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      I have a feeling there may be a lot of people out there who ask the same questions on different locations and then forget where they asked them. Others probably haven’t realized how the system works, maybe they don’t visit the site often enough.

      I’d suggest a change in the design of the Q&A site and would make the default of the radio button “Notification” ON and not off. That way people who asked the question will be reminded about it when they get an email.

      I’d also remove that system when someone automaticall gets 1000 Points when he closes a question. Because of that there are some of those idiots who ask a question that doesn’t mean anything just to get more points.

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      by pb_valiant ·

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      i know how u all feel – i just started a discussion on this topic precisely – why do they bother??

      By responding back to posts they in turn help other people who may have the same problem, but because they don’t repsond another person may not know the solutions suggested actually work and may repost the question again.

      It really doesn’t bother me wither way – but it wuld be nice to get a thank-you occassionally.

      As i stated in my discussion, i’m going add “post back with the results so others can learn”

      I think tis should be mandatory for posting a question for help.

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      by bfilmfan ·

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      I see all of us that answer regularly are joining this thread. I’ve conversed with peers here pretty regularly over the years and all of us have seen this issue over the years.

      At times, I am sure all of us are tempted to use the time honored WordPerfect help Desk Answer:
      “Put your computer in the box and take it back to the store. You’re too stupid to own a computer.” I have even told a friend that a few years back when she called me saying that she was having issues making a call from her new phone. The “phone” turned out to be a universal TV remote. Lawdy Lawdy!

      Although it was abused, I do believe the auto-close system worked better.

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      by bobho ·

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      I don’t think any of us are in it for the points. I rouotinely see most of your names on a majority of the quetions posted in TR. I agree that it’s just common courtesy to respond back with what information worked and what didn’t. I simply want to know so I can tuck it away for future reference when I might run into the same issue again.

      Maybe TR should block a requestor from asking a question if that user has prior open questions (but that may be a little harsh). And then, you also have the situations where someone asks a questions and rejects all of the answers and closes the question with no explanation. Did an answer work but they just don’t want to share that information? Who knows.

      Anyway, my hat’s off to all of you who take the time to help someone else out who you don’t even know for no other reason than you can.



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        by statykserver ·

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        (TO: ALL)
        Well it’s good to see alot of familiar names with mutual responses. Some very good points made here, its also good knowing you are not alone on this. I also think the radio on button for notification is a pretty good idea. (at least the option will be there for them to turn it off if they really want to)

        Heres to all who offer their help regardless of RATINGS!!

        Thanks !

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      by statykserver ·

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