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RCA Cables, What are length restrictions

By jdclyde ·
I am looking at having my game consoles, dvd player and such in a cabinet next to my couch, while the TV will be across the room.

Got a box that takes multiple RCA inputs and sends just a single RCA output to your TV, depending on which button is selected.

My question is, at what length do you start getting signal loss? Does RCA cables have this limitation or not?

Same question about SVideo cables.

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by jck In reply to RCA Cables, What are leng ...

it would depend on the impedance, but if you're using standard 75ohm with RCA jacks (for something such as SP/DIF) then you're looking at 10m recommended maximum, or 33 feet

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by jck In reply to can go longer with higher grade RCA/RCA connections...just that noticable degrade (depending on cable quality) usually happens at about 9-10m (30 or so ft).

for a decent SVideo cable, you're looking more about 15-18m (50-60 ft)

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by jdclyde In reply to

Do you have any links that supports this? I would like to know more about it than I do now.


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by jdclyde In reply to RCA Cables, What are leng ...

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