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    RCP Win2000Pro


    by payaay ·

    I know the remote connection software can access an XP computer from browser on 2000Pro but can a XP PC connect wit a Win2000Pro PC?

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      by luyasu ·

      In reply to RCP Win2000Pro

      XP’s RDC app requires its protocol and service. I do not think that MS placed that software to compete in the RD management software market. It is an user-level tool for that eventual all-out XP.

      But we cannot consider this software as a true remote desktop tool for admins, even when that all-out XP environment turns up.


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      Remote Control

      by timwalsh ·

      In reply to RCP Win2000Pro

      The short answer to your question is no.

      The Remote Desktop function built in to WinXP is a subset of Win2K Server Terminal Services. This functionality is not built in to Win2K Pro. To acces Win2K Pro from a remote desktop, you would need to use third-party remote control software.

      One of the most popular (because it is free) is VNC.

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