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    My daughter recently started getting a BSOD on her Dell Inspiron laptop with Windows Vista Home Basic installed. The error message is pointing to rdbss.sys but I can’t find anything that is relevant to a fix for this. I eventually reinstalled her machine from a factory backup. Subsequently, I have an Inspiron 530 with Windows Ultimate installed. Recently it started rebooting on its own with no errors. I discovered after much frustration that it had something to do with having dual monitors installed on my nVidia card. I disconnected one of the monitors and it seemed to work fine for awhile and now I am getting the BSOD with the reference to rdbss.sys. Is anyone else having this problem and does anyone know of a fix for it? Dell support has been totally useless.

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      by rstefano1952 ·

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      Hardware or driver issue.

      by bart777 ·

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      Usually this will happen to an XP box when a driver or piece of hardware. Since you were getting the error on your Dell and it appeared to be video realated. I would go to the nvidia site and get the latest driver for the video chip. Somethine Microsoft is kind enough to make changes to files that will foul up video drivers and you need to refresh them.

      Give this a whirl and let us know if it helps.

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        For what it’s worth…

        by rstefano1952 ·

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        For what it’s worth – I tried rolling back the video driver and wound up with a Standard VGA driver. Of course this doesn’t allow me to use the “power” of the card so it’s not a good solution. I will try to get the latest driver and see what happens. Thanks.

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