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    RDP across subnets

    by dwlcom ·


    I have a question regarding how to setup routing between 2 consumer grade routers on each their subnet such that it is possible to RDP from one network to the other. Specifically I would like to login to PC 1 and establish an RDP session to PC 2.

    The setup is as follows:

    Router 1 (Netgear RAX 48 )
    WAN to internet

    Router 2 (Netgear WNDR4000)
    Connected from WAN port to a LAN port on Router 1
    WAN =

    PC 1
    Connected to a LAN port on Router 1

    PC 2
    Connected to a LAN port on Router 2

    I have tried to setup a static route on Router 1 as follows:

    Destination IP =
    Subnet Mask =
    Gateway IP Address =

    but am unable to ping or RDP to PC2 from PC1.

    Thanks in advance for your guidance.


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      So many priors.

      by rproffitt ·

      In reply to RDP across subnets

      Such as

      While there can be issues with firewalls in both routers and PCs, only you know this and will have to adjust as needed. Don’t go for RDP at first. Get PING to work then try RDP.

      This is not a basic networking issue and will require you to work hard or learn more. Or outsource the task.

      -> I needed something like this and swapped my second router out for a powerline + WiFi kit. Now it works without the route commands or firewall entries. Easy peasy.

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        by dwlcom ·

        In reply to So many priors.

        Thanks you for your well-intentioned guidance. I should have mentioned that I did quite a bit of searching before resorting to this post including trying the suggestions provided in the post you mentioned but without luck. And yes, I do pinging as a basic initial test step.

        My intention with the post was to present a much simplified scenario in hopes of some guidance on how to go about setting up the static routing entry(ies).

        But thanks again


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          As I don’t have your network.

          by rproffitt ·

          In reply to Thanks

          I can’t write and test the route or its commands. There can be other roadblocks such as mentioned but to simplify this, you need to add routes, test and be aware of the roadblocks.

          Some routers outright fail to route so again I can’t look into that for you but there’s the web where folk may have that information if you search with something like “route table name-of-router-here.”

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          Let’s move on

          by dwlcom ·

          In reply to As I don’t have your network.

          Let’s not take up any more valuable real estate with suggestions to google for more info. Maybe somebody else can weigh in with something a little more substantive.


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      There’s one last thing.

      by rproffitt ·

      In reply to RDP across subnets

      The destination IP can’t end in zero.

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