RDP Client cannot connect

By roberta ·
I have a newish notebook running Vista business which has stopped being able to connect to any other machines via RDP. Other clients running Vista can connect to the same machines.
Everything I've found via google indicates a problem at the host end, however all hosts are configured correctly and are allowing other clients to connect.
I've tried disabling the windows firewall (no other firewall in use), and the exact error I am getting is as follows: This computer can't connect to the remote computer. Try Connecting again. If the problem continues, contact the owner of the remote computer or your network administrator.

I'm the network admin, and the owner wouldn't have a clue! ;-)

Any ideas as to what could prevent this client from connecting via RDP to any machine?


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Found the solution...

by roberta In reply to RDP Client cannot connect

Turns out that this may be an old issue...
Other users were connecting to the hosts (all windows 2003 servers) as administrators in Remote Administration mode. Normally I would expect 2 terminal sessions and 1 console session to be available, however the servers were stopping any new connection as soon as the second connection was made, whether it be to the console or not.
I found this blog which provides a fix. I haven't applied it as yet due to the required reboot, but will have a go and see what happens.
I'm wondering if there is a Microsoft Update that has changed the Maximum Connections value because there are too many servers affected for it to have been a manual change.

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Patch Tuesday list

by seanferd In reply to Found the solution...

I'm not seeing anything that specifically mentions MaxConnections, but then I don't know if you may still be applying older patches as your company finishes testing them. I only looked at the April summary.

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