RDP Disconnection Problem

By jobii ·
Hi All,

I need a advice for RDP connection properties,im running voip business in Saudi accessing servers using RDP from USA Datacenter.My problem is when taking servers by RDP our voip calls are dropping and making voice quality problem.If we will take server using RDP,no issues.So we are keep closed servers from here.I want to know any one can help me for this issue?


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by oldbaritone In reply to RDP Disconnection Problem

You need to assign priority to VOIP for enough bandwidth to maintain the calls. RDP will suffer some, but apparently there is not enough bandwidth to run both at once fully. QoS allows you to decide what gets priority and what suffers, if there's not enough bandwidth. If no priorities or bandwidth allocations are set, the bandwidth is usually utilized on a first-come, first-served basis - and RDP can be a hog on bandwidth.

Another thing you might try is reducing the color depth of the server or setting a color depth limitation for RDP. Also, you can remove graphics from the desktop background on the server and use a single color. When a window closes, the image behind it must be resent, but if it's all one color, RDP can send a "flood" color instead of a long picture. The less graphics you send over RDP, the more bandwidth will be left for VOIP.

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RDP Disconnection Problem

by jobii In reply to QoS

I am using 100Mbps switchs and we have around 400 calls connected in each switchs peak times,most of the calls are G729 codec calls.This 100Mbps enough for a good number of SIP traffic calls ?

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