RDP, ie 7, vpro not working on half of my servers

By macinslaw ·
I have placed 13 new computers in the office in the last few days. My computer was the last one, for now, to go into effect. My computer is a VPro, 160Gb HD, 4 Gb RAM, Windows XP SP2 and the latest version of RDP.

All computers can use the Remote Desktop Connectioin and connect to all servers without issue. However, my computer is another story. Every time I try to connect to about half of my servers, I receive a "The remote computer disconnected from the session due to a licensing issue" error. I have looked at every article I can find, I have done everything I know to do. All other servers and workstations work flawlessly.

Anyone have any ideas?


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Well the obvious is that

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to RDP, ie 7, vpro not worki ...

The company has exceeded the Licensing Agreement with M$ and needs to purchase more CAL's or whatever it is that they are using there.


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Mr. Obvious :)

by macinslaw In reply to Well the obvious is that

If that were th case, then why is it that 84 other computers on premesis, also running XP SP2 with all the same service packs, can RDP into all servers without incident? Only mine is the "odd ball". Plus, I brought my own personal laptop into the office that has never been on our network running Vista business 64 and even it can connect to all of our servers. Somehow, I don't think it's a CAL issue.

Any other ideas?


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Well in that case NO

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to RDP, ie 7, vpro not worki ...

Of course the obvious thing is to reimage your Computer and make sure that the Software Load hasn't somehow corrupted the OS.

Of course it would help to know how these 13 new units where loaded.


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Good thought

by macinslaw In reply to Well in that case NO

LOL...actually, the funny thing is that mine is the only one of its kind on the network. It is the only VPro, and the only one I didn't image. I used the base load that came with it and did not perform any data transfer to it, for my old computer was so badly corrupted, I thought it best to start from scratch. The only things I did was download all available updates for it.

The other 13 PC's were loaded from my image file, different model, hence different build. I didn't have an image for my computer, and we will not be buying any more of this model. Good thought, though. I may try a repair install.


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