RDP over VPN doesn't work

By raju_dm ·
I am trying to set up a network at office for VPN and eventually RDP over the VPN connection. The server is windows standard 2003 with three Network cards. I choose one Network card to be internet interface ( and the other for local( DNS server and WINS server is installed on this server.

VPN to the network works fine but nothing works from the client (i.e network browsing, RDP etc.). It appears to be DNS problem. Also reduced the MTU on client to avoid fragementation issue. Any tips in getting the network operational.

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Have you checked your firewall settings?

by Dontknowwhatimdoing In reply to RDP over VPN doesn't work

Make sure you have the Windows Firewall (WF) off unless this is your only firewall (which I don't recommend). If WF is your only firewall, then I really recommend purchasing a hardware firewall.


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both and client server behind Linksys router

by raju_dm In reply to Have you checked your fir ...

Office network is behind Linksys router wrtv54g which has VPN IPSec pass through enabled. The client machine at home is behind the Linksys router provided by Vonage which also has VPN IPSec pass through enabled. However when I connect to another office via VPN and RDP to workstation it works seamlessly.

The problematic office network might have some DNS issues. DNS server, VPN server, WINS and domain controller are all on same machine. Does this cause any problem?

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Client Computer

by Dontknowwhatimdoing In reply to both and client server be ...

My server is set up the same as yours and initially, I had the same problem as you do now. The only difference is my hardware at the local and the remote site was made by SonicWall. I had to turn the Windows Firewall off even though Netbios was permitted in the settings of both SonicWalls.

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Try use different IP range

by fwang In reply to RDP over VPN doesn't work

I noticed your internet IP is ( and local is ( Try use different ip range. For instance internet IP is, local change to

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will try subnet

by raju_dm In reply to Try use different IP rang ...

thanks for your response. For internet I would use one one nic. On another nic I will set and use it for local. all this is one server. On the same server DNS, WINS and Active directory reside.

on the local nic what should be the DNS setting? 1.52 or 0.52?

I will try it and let you know what happens.


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Same issue but get this...

by servicePac69 In reply to RDP over VPN doesn't work

My VPN tunnel works fine - I can see files at the remote location. I have RDP port mapped to a server through a public address (works fine) and I can connect to desktop (XP/Vista) through the VPN. BUT the servers won't answer the call over the VPN.

I'm wondering if this is an encryption conflict/requirment the server has but not the desktop? This sounds like a common issue. Has anyone figured it out?


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