RDP printer via wireless LAN

By lgriffin ·
Has anyone had success connecting a locally attached printer -> through wireless LAN -> to RDP session, and have the printer appear in Terminal Session printer queue?

Setup is: Windows XP SP2 (firewall off) Netgear wireless USB device, Quest wireless router. RDP session has LPT1 enable. Applied MS KB302361, and redirect HPLJ 1022 from USB to LPT1

I've tested ok when a LPT or USB printer is connected locally and RDP via "CAT5" is initiated. So I know Group Policy / Term Serv Config Mang settings are correct.

Just can push the local printer settings over wireless to RDP session to appear in the remote print queue !

Any help would be great. I know someone out there has to have come across this. I can't be the first one.

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More info...

by Baron Orlando In reply to RDP printer via wireless ...

Are you using Terminal Services on Windows Server 2003?

Am I correct in saying that you can print to the 1022 when the laptop is connected via CAT5/RDP, but not wireless/RDP?

Are there any firewalls on the laptop? Both the wired and wireless connections will have their own firewall settings.

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by lgriffin In reply to More info...

Yes running Terminal Server on Windows 2003 server.

I've asked the enduser to by pass the usb wireless card and connect to the internal nic via ethernet cable. I'm sure they will have success.

I was able to RDP from home and office, both times my locally attached printer appear in my remote printer queue.

But there's definately something that's preventing the locally attached printer to be seen while connected from PC -> wireless usb -> local wireless router -> internet to Terminal server.

I had them disable XP SP2 Firewall.

Unfortuately, they're on the other side of the country and they're not technical enough to allow port 3389 enabled on their firewall. May have to use gotomypc.

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Your printer

by Baron Orlando In reply to Info

You mentioned that you tested ok when an LPT or USB printer was connected to your computer, but you didn't say if you were using the same printer model as your user. If your printer was a different model, you will need to make sure the drivers for your user's printer are installed on the server.

If you were using the same printer model, I would recommend GoToMyPC, just to check their settings. Like children, external users require lots of supervision :)

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Remote deskop print software

by cricure In reply to RDP printer via wireless ...

I fount great software Named TSPrint

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